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Lena is a very slight, very willowy girl. Her mop of blonde hair refuses to be tamed. She dresses in clothes that tend towards average, doing her best to not stick out in a crowd, trying to hide her eyes behind sunglasses.She is learning to be outgoing, and always tries to give a sincere smile. .

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RP Hooks
SONGWRITER: Lena has written several songs that have been picked up by other local artists and gotten some airplay - she's been in a few smalltime interviews, but word in the industry is that her talents are in demand - they're even putting her through college.

SHE'S GOT THE BEAT: Want a beat? She'll make you a beat. She doesn't care who raps or sings over it. She has a real knack for engineering sounds.

FRIENDS IN ODD PLACES: It's odd that a no-name girl from a smalltown is getting so accepted into the Art Scene. Maybe there's a story there? If so, she doesn't seem to want to tell it.

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"A quiet strength that those who have yet to observe are really missing out on witnessing." - Maddie Wesson

"She's driven, cunning, and incredibly loyal. It's a dangerous mistake to underestimate her." - Sam Garguilo

"Being gentle does not make one any less dangerous. Kindness is often overlooked as weakness, and that just makes someone like her a more effective predator." - Salim Qadir

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Lena Navarre

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AGE: 22
CONCEPT: Budding Artist
TELLS: Piercing Eyes
PACK: The Trials
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Fame 1 (Songwriter), Striking Looks 2

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Played By: Oscillowitz