Leah Goode

From Dark City

Leah Valencia Goode

Full Name: Leah Valencia Goode
Birthdate: June 5, 1997
Apparent Age: 20’s
Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Race: Uratha
Auspice Ithaeur
Tribe: Storm Lords

Callin' the Maker - Aimee Allen
Bottom of the River - Delta Rae
Pretty Little Head - Eliza Rickman
Okkervil River Song - Okkervil River
Time Won't Let Me Go - The Bravery
Weeds or Wildflowers - Parsonsfield
Bad Ritual – Timber Timbre
Become the Beast – Karliene
My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit

There is a history in pictures, there is evidence in boxes...

Moon-eyed, smiling like a silver-hued crescent that hurts at her edges when she moves; the sweet smell of sage and the metallic scent of blood linger in her shadow-soft hair in equal measure, but her skin smells like snow. There's a song ringing, buzzing, humming in her bones like bells under the sea and it's unclear whether she exists in the physical world at all---a ghost entombed in flesh looking for a soft place to sink her teeth into the far side of the world. Snap, snap, moon-white teeth like winter-cracked branches, and the snow-crusted forest echoing with the laughter of wolves.

There is proof of your love for him long after it’s dead...

If blood and bones are what you want… – There’s no two ways about it; some people get to have normal weekends, but Leah isn’t one of those---instead, she spends a portion of her time as a nightmare wolf/spirit monster. There’s a lot to be done when you’re on the right side of inevitability, and there is no rest for the wicked. Leah is all of those things by technicality.
You’re the storm that I believe in… – Everyone has something to say about the Storm Lords, Leah doesn’t have the sort of face that invites discussion on the matter, potentially because it usually doesn’t seem like she’s paying much attention to the people around her to any appreciable extent. Stuck up, maybe, and isn’t that just so stereotypical?
The moon will be fuller tomorrow… – The crescent born are a weird lot, and Leah is no exception. She tends to be distractable, mercurial and somewhat less than cognizant of value as humans might understand it. In the past she probably would have been called a fae personality, or a changeling child (and then summarily burned at the stake but whatever). Now she’s just odd.
Rain, rain, go away... - Storm Lords have a talent for messing with the weather, but Leah treats rainfall as if it's a spiritual communion. As if it has some sort of magic. It's the source of her name in the First Tongue and also her solution to a lot of problems, because people have a hard time causing problems when they're busy trying not to drown in a flood. Is it nice? No. Leah probably doesn't notice, though.
Let your branches fork in me... - Plants and pain. Spirits are of interest to Leah, both on a personal level and as a product of her auspice. She has a particular affinity for plant spirits, despite their extremely alien nature, and as a former wolfblooded, she was beset for years by a pain spirit so she understands those rather intimately as well.
Forensic Files - Leah has an interest in poison and forensics that is probably a little unsettling given her demeanor, her nature and the general air that said interest is not nearly academic enough.
The crown of thorns... – Leah owns a tattoo shop, and works there with her twin sister Rachel. The Crown of Thorns tattoo shop is only about a year and a half old, but they have some dedicated customers and they make a decent living.


The (Un)usual Suspects

Partners in Crime

Rachel - "We were born like tangled vines..."
Lonnie - "Deadly nightshade, poison oak, give me the wild, wild wood..."





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