Laura Thompson

From Dark City

Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson.jpg
BirthdateFebruary 22, 1981
ConceptBetter Than You
Played ByGillian Anderson
Player NamePax
OrderGuardians of the Veil
StatusActive PC


Dr. Laura Thompson (and she does prefer Dr. Thompson, thank you) stands out almost too much with her distinctive features and her sophisticated poise, but she dresses it down by wearing her platinum blonde hair pulled back back in a low and demure ponytail and with a pair of silver-rimmed glasses that frame inexpressive blue-gray eyes.

The thin lines of time have begun to chisel themselves into small creases at her eyes and around her mouth, and an air of intensity and intelligence is emphasized by arched brows and full, well-defined lips. She carries herself with a sort of dignified elegance that effortlessly commands attention, even when she's sitting cross-legged on top of a table at a group therapy session.


Local Girl Done Good, Dr. Thompson left Grey County to pursue a prestigious education in psychiatric medicine. After completing her residency on the West Coast, she returned to Jericho to provide much-needed psychiatric care to the people of her hometown. Her parents were older when they had her, and younger when they passed, so she inherited their property and has done some impressive redecorating with the converted farmhouse in which she now lives.

She maintains a small, private psychiatry practice that offers services on a sliding scale, and runs the local Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Because she's the only shrink for a couple dozen miles in any direction, it's not unusual for her to be called upon by the local police and courts, the school, the hospital, and social services. Her reputation with these institutions is impeccable.

RP Hooks

Shrink - Maybe you're a patient (or maybe you oughta be), or maybe you need her help with something related to mental health like the cops, courts, doctors, schools, and bureaucrats occasionally do.

12 Step Program - She runs the local NA and AA meetings, as well as other group therapy sessions, and she'll also readily accommodate a private conversation if you're not ready to show up to group.

Paladin - Some people choose their Shadow Names, and some are chosen by them. This is a case of the latter.