Last Rites

From Dark City

The joy of discovery is one of the biggest pleasures you'll ever know.

~ Samra Habib


 Last Rites is a newly formed club located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan entertained by go-go dancers, go-go boys, and drag shows. It also has a VIP area for Uratha.


 The exterior of the club sports a rainbow awning, and a light up of Last Rites in similar colors. The interior of the club is lit in whatever color the club has chosen for that day (it will rotate through the rainbow). In the main area there is a bar, often staffed by men in harnesses, or ladies in some kind of leather, not far an area with U shaped couches of leather. Around the outside of the dance floor are open booths for the less physically inclined.

 Uratha: There is a VIP area in the back, where private meetings can be held. As of yet, there isn't a designated bar, but future plans will likely see a Wolfblood employed for easier access to beverages.

Any PCs who would like ties with Last Rites, please contact CToast.
Drinks and Food

 The bar is fully stocked and can make most traditional drinks. Basic appetizers are also offered (onion rings, mozz sticks).There are, however, a few drinks he's added to the menu specifically for Last Rites.

 GenderFluid: A fruity drink consisting of Kinky Blue and grape juice.

 The Lesbian:A vodka drink mixed with cranapple, and orange juice.

 Cis Straight Tears A High proof rum mixed with Citrus vodka, Bitters, and Red Bull.
Last Rites
Established: 2021
Location: Upper West Side Manhattan
Owner: Razvan Costea