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" The facts are as follow:

-On February 16,2002 Lance Corporal Kyle Simmons,75th Ranger Regiment was on medical leave after sustaining severe injuries during an IED blast in deployment in Afghanistan, pending his discharge. LCpl Simmons found himself the bystander to a failed armored truck heist turned into a building siege, during which he then became the active participant in what the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security still classifies as one of the most deadly use-of-force situations in the last 20 years.

Varied works of fiction and non-fiction, have been borne out of the this podcast series, i hope to explore the life and aftermath of LCpl Simmons and how one day of his life dragged over the next two decades." *Daniel Carlyle, Dark World podcast.*

One of those names that still crops up in pop culture from time to time, Simmons is half urban legend, half cautionary tale. It´s hard to separate the man from the persona, and he´d be hard pressed to define himself, spending the last half of his life seeking privacy and anonymity in a world where it´s become an ever rarer commodity.

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RP Hooks
  • Sua Sponte: Army Ranger and Airbourne combat vet, Kyle served with distinction in Afghanistan prior to his incident and subsequent medical discharge,and worked a few years as a Private contractor overseas. He attends Veteran support groups and other meetings, and prizes what few friends he still has from his time in the service, while preferring to avoid his former PMC ties.( Military)
  • Reap the leg,Johnny! Kyle´s an experienced practicioner of grappling, from BJJ to Judo and Freestyle Wrestling, He tries to stay active,but doesnt settle in one training venue for long. Maybe you´ve shared a class?
  • Oh shit,I know you!: Even after all these years, Kyle still has to deal with his fame,for better or worse. In the age of the internet and cycling media interest, his fame never really went away, nor the incident that spawned it,every time a new documentary or a derived piece of fiction comes along. (Fame 2: Action survivor.)
  • scrap to silver: Kyle focuses a lot of his energy into busy work, that turn into often lengthy projects. he has a knack for repairing and restoring motorcycles, furniture , and has dabbled in mechanics tinkering and even some custom jewelry and metalwork. Also haunts his fair share of auctions, pawn shops and assorted sales in look for cheap parts, interesting projects or just that elusive undiscovered treasure. (arts and crafts, business)

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Kyle Simmons
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Full Name: Kyle J. Simmons
Pronouns: He/ Him
Occupation: Retired Military/Contractor; Self Employed.
Public Effects: Fame2: Action Survivor; Striking looks 2: Rugged,Intense. ; Notoriety (Vigilante)
Age: 42
Height: six feet
weight: 190 pounds
Virtue/Vice: Fortitude/Lust

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Played By: Barr2