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What can you say about Kristine?

If you've been a sin eater for a while, maybe you've heard of her. She's been active for about five years. It's been said that she's a bereaved, but that doesn't seem to fit. The girl is always there with and easy smile. She seems to want everyone around her to be happy, be they living or dead.

Blood Stained Harlot: The figure seems to tower head and shoulders above most people in the room. Long golden hair spills from her downerward concealing her face, occasionally one might glimpse a beautiful feature pouting lips or brilliant blue eyes beneath those silken locks, but only one at a time. Though blood seems to constantly drip from where the woman's mouth might be. Her body seems stuffed into tranluscent plastic, that reveals an extreme hour glass figure that doesn't at all seem real. Blood seems to pool and disappear beneath it. Her hands end in overly long fingers, her nails replaced with blades, and she seems to balance on precariously tall heeled boots, said heels replaced by steel spikes.

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RP Hooks
1) The police never found her fiancé's killer. Just her body, and while the Sin Eater doesn't put much stock in revenge. It's likely only because finding out who it was takes time away from her far more important goal. Now, if it was discovered who killed the woman she loved. Well, things might be a little bit different.

2) "I would do anything for love!" Kristine is a romantic, sure she's not looking her her own special someone. Well, she is, but not like that. She's got a soft spot for romance, and would do pretty much anything in the name of helping lovers find happiness.

3) And perhaps easiest of it, a job. If someone out there has cash, and they think they've got something ghostly on Kristine will be there! Sure, more often than not there's nothing she could do. As it's probably not a ghost! She'll pretend that things have changed and give people peace of mind, but, that's that! Now every now and again, she'll stumble upon something real and important and she'll devote her time to trying to figure it out.

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Kristine Mercier

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Full Name: Kristine Mercier

Occupation: Substitute teacher
Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Weight: 119 Lbs
Burden: Bereaved
Archtype: Necropolitian

Liminal aura Anchor

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Played By: DreamsofElectricSheep