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Professional Hype Man
Kirk towers over most at 6'6" and is nearly as broad as he is tall, with the thick arms and thighs of a bodybuilder. But his eyes are soulful and his smile sympathetic and welcoming, drawing in those around him and putting them at ease. Don't let the near head to toe tattoos fool you--his presence is often a balm to the soul and mind. Despite sticking out in a crowd, he's able to blend into different social environments with ease and bring life to any social event. But his devotion is firmly rooted in his faith, and the service of his regnant.

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RP Hooks
Get Fit For Jesus (Anyone) - It's important to perfect your soul and your body! Kirk spends nearly every moment of his free time working out, so can often be found in gyms. He's happy to help others get swole as well, always on the lookout for workout buddies. He's even involved in a faith-based workout group!

Hello Nurse (Anyone) - Kirk is a skilled nurse, and offers his services to those in need of some emergency care, for a reasonable price.

Life Of The Party (Anyone) - Kirk loves to go out and enjoy himself. While he doesn't indulge in drugs or alcohol very much, he loves to go out to dance. Especially if it means he can walk around nearly naked. He often frequents nightclubs, especially of the LGBTQ variety.

Take Me To Church (Lancea Sanctum) - Kirk has been a servant of the Lancea Sanctum for nearly fifty years. He's very adept at getting people to open up to him, gathering information for the covenant, as well as helping to maintain herds and flocks. Need help with something? Leviticus will surely let Kirk help.

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Kirk Russell

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AGE: Looks 30ish
CONCEPT: Professional Hype Man
REGNANT: Leviticus Grove
  • Status (Lancea Sanctum) 1
  • Striking Looks 2 (Strong, Charming, Friendly)
  • Giant
  • Empath
  • Inspiring

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Played By: User:Fofo