Kaylee Smith

From Dark City


Kaylee Smith


The Mask
Pronouns:  Any Pronouns
Real Age:  20
Apparent Age:  20
Birthday:  April 8th 2002
Height:  5ft 8in
Weight:  125lbs
Build:  Slender
Concepts:  Girl next door. Loving daughter?
Public Effects:  Mantle (Spring): ••
"Soft to the Touch"
The Mien
Seeming:  Darkling
Kith:  Mirrorkin
Court:  Spring
Position:  None
Motley:  None
Needle:  Provider
Thread:  Family
Cult:  None

“People only know what you tell them.” — Frank Abagnale Jr.


Mask: Kaylee is a young woman who is trying to make her way. Slender, lithe, model-like. They give off a sense of fragility and uncertainty but when they discuss their family there is a pleasure, a passion in their tone. Yet there is a constant nervousness in loss or being found out. That this family will end up no longer being theirs. Just like the original...

Mien: She appears largely similar. Her form having a slight shimmer that plays upon it. A reflection of whomever is looking at them. Almost like they are looking at themselves. Or she is them.

Mantle: That sweet scent of hope. Life coming into being. Hints of a future that could be. Sweet and full of promise.

Roleplaying Hooks

Who are you really?

While Kaylee is a daughter and sister within a loving family, it is a lie. Kaylee has slipped into a life that was lost. Just as her own was. She does everything she can to give her 'adoptive' family the daughter they don't know they even need. As a result she is both very protective of them and content. Yet. Who might become her next family?

New life pathways

Ahh, 20, the age of having finished a gap year(s) and deciding it is time to move on. College beckons and she has gone to a few lectures. Though none have yet called to her. Perhaps you have crossed paths in her various dabbling of majors.

Do I know you? Wait, what was your name?

To look at another human being is to look at death. The skin layer is constantly dying, constantly replacing. As a Mirrorskin, she feels this duality of life and death. Of existence while also being nebulous. Who is she and what is identity? Kaylee is Kaylee but she is also anyone. Everyone. She has this sense of potential and other paths that have been or could be walked. Are you going to be a part of that?