Katherine Charlesworth

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Katherine CharlesworthHooks

Katherine is outspoken, outgoing, friendly and always willing to lend a hand. Whether meeting CEOs to inquire for donantions, hosting evening bird shows in the parks or going out with friends on a bar crawl Kat will act the same. Her easy-going nature can be defeated however, a strong beast of pride is nestled in her soul, and implying her incapable of doing something is an easy way to rouse it. Not that she will necessarily be any good at whatever challange she rises to meet, but she will certainly try. For better or worse.

Clearly Northern English in her accent, Katherine tends to dress casually for her position, though she is willing to put in the effort when needed. In her own time she tends to explore the cities highrises and backalleys, or train her hawks and falcons.

Katherine runs the Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary which she recently purchased from a failing trust organisation.

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RP Hooks
Bird and Wildlife Rescue

If you're looking to donate to a good cause, arrange an educational visit/Exhibition or even get a job then Kat's ready to talk. (General Hook)

Always looking for a challenge

Something shady going on? Ask Kat to help look into it, she is well known in the Carthian circles for being unable to resist a challenge or something interesting. Scouting is her main skillset, but she won't turn down a little action.

Nature lover

In the moments when nothing else is calling her attention, Kat can be found in the parks and other natural places, normally with her birds. The (un)life long passion for Falconry is a gift that never left her.

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Katherine Charlesworth

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Pronouns: She/Her

Age (Apparent): 24

Height: 5'6

Profession: Non-Profit Wildlife Charity CEO

Public Effects:

Carthian Movement Status: 2

City status: 2 (Kindred Deputy)

Education Sphere Status: 2

Contacts: Other Charities, CEOs.

Allies: NYC Parks/Rangers

Covenant: Carthian Movement

Clan: Gangrel

Coterie: None

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Played By: User:Verminlord