Kang Sen

From Dark City

"Hey...Isn't that the guy from Silver Dynasty?"

"Oh my god it is, that's Kang Sen!"

"Should we try to get his autograph? I'm kinda afraid to approach, he's so intense in real life..."


If you watch Netflix you might have seen his face in a few series, slowly becoming more prominent over the years - where once he was but a supporting actor in romantic teen comedy / slasher drama Take Two he's now in the starring role of the impressively successful Last Dynasty. Keep an eye on the young Sen, he'll be going places on the silver screen!

Kang has something of a reputation for being a wild badboy who does as he desires; he doesn't really talk about his family or personal life but loves making youtube videos of himself pulling wild stunts, flash mobs, and partying in absurd fashion with the people who flock around his growing fame.

Notable Features: If he'd stuck around in Korea he probably would have ended up in a boy band, cuz he just has that kind of face, you know? Pretty, skirting the edge of androgyny, with a thing for flashy colors; currently his hair is dyed an obnoxious shade somewhere between platinum and gold, with piercings glittering in his ears, eyebrow, and tongue...and of course there are the tattoos - an angel strumming a lyre on his arm, stars up his bicep going underneath his shirt suggestively...bastard knows what he's doing.

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RP Hooks
The Silver Screen - You may know him through his work on stage. Outside of his star roles he's done considerable stunt work and has been known to put on public shows as part of New York's street entertainment.

High Society - If your net worth is in the millions and you went to the academies of the upper-crust, you may very well know about the Sen Clan. His sisters Iri and Sadie graduated before him and carry on the family's legacy of fortune. Rumors are he's fallen out with them...

A Wolf Am I?! - Kang is relatively freshly changed and has, thus far, expressed rather...unorthodox, somehow hostile views about Werewolves in general. Without someone to change his opinion he's quite likely to stay Ghost Wolf.

169 Bar Is MINE - A hole-in-the-wall with a violent reputation, Kang is often found here with friends that aren't quite Chinatown locals and more of that Lower East Side Manhattan crowd. The wait staff seem scared of him...

Augury of Sen

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Kang Sen
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AGE: 25
CONCEPT: Fire-Eyed Prodigal Son
  • Fame: Stuntman / Film Actor Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Status: Artistic Crowd Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Dexterity Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks [Gangsta-K-pop PrettyBadboy yo] Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Strength Performance Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
AUSPICE: Cahalith
TRIBE: Ghost Wolf
SPIRIT RANK: Dot-filled.png
PACK: None
  • Glory Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Honor Dot-filled.png

OPINIONS (Tribes):

  • Ivory Claws: "Shut up. No just shut up, you will never know how bad it is, you would never survive it, just SHUT UP!"
  • Predator Kings: "Why, why would you actually choose to live outside like a fucking dog?"
  • Fire Touched: "Don't look into their eyes; they'll see what lies within and you'll burn for it."
  • Bone Shadows: "Man they fuck with ghosts and the dead, freaks...but they know more cuz they're not afraid."
  • Blood Talons: "Cannibals, disgusting psychopaths...Try to talk your way out of confrontation, or run. Don't let these snarlin' dogs off their chains or you're dead."
  • Storm Lords: "Usurpers, such hubris for just...taking it...but they remain, don't they. They remain. They lead."
  • Iron Masters: "Sheep, monkey-paw bitches...wolves don't go pretending they're humans...but within our own domain, y'know, the "Flesh of the Herd", they're actually competition."
  • Hunters in Darkness: "Okay so I can dig what they're about you know? Everyone's got a beautiful, sacred place they gotta respect; that's real Wolf. Chasing rats and spiders...? That's not."

OPINIONS (Locals):

  • Zoe St. Clair - Yo so like Old Uncle Chen slung some fuckin' bullshit at me the other night, you know what that old shabi said? He was all "oh that Zao-Yi freckle girl's Chinese is better than yours", can't believe that old bitch'd go throwing shade on me like that. My Chinese is fine! Anyway. Yeah, you know, she's alright! We hashed some shit out, she got me to open up, real therapist moment or some shit I dunno...but she's cool cuz we partied after, and y'know, she got that weird-quiet-girl thing going on but she's fun. Yeah, not bad at all, heehee...
  • Raymond Massey - To hell with that guy. No, seriously, and you can tell that dirty presumptuous mothafucka Kang Sen said so! The hell that guy thinks he is all, "oh the Lunes gave you your duty" *dramatic finger waggling* fuck that. I ain't nobody's pigeon. Y'all let a mess of Asah-Gadar in, don't go telling me 'bout doing your duty...

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Played By: User: deckardkang