June's Country Kitchen

From Dark City

     June's Kitchen.png
June's Country Kitchen
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Terri June
Room Type Business

Nestled just on the outskirts of Jericho, the homestyle country kitchen exudes timeless charm and warmth. The weathered yet well-maintained building stands as a testament to its rich history. Inside, rows of booths and tables invite guests to settle in and savor the southern classics that have become synonymous with this beloved establishment. The soft lighting creates an inviting ambiance, while framed photographs on the walls capture treasured memories of years gone by.

Behind the scenes, the June family works diligently in the kitchen, carrying on the tradition of preparing mouthwatering dishes. The tantalizing aroma of Pintos and Collards, Biscuits and Gravy, and Country Fried Chicken fills the air, evoking memories of family gatherings and cherished recipes. The friendly wait staff, often members of the June family, provide attentive service, fostering a sense of kinship among guests.

Terri June's is not only a place to enjoy exceptional food but also a hub for community gatherings and heartfelt conversations. After church services, securing a table may be a challenge as the restaurant becomes a bustling haven for locals seeking comfort and connection. However, the wait is always rewarded with a dining experience that blends nostalgia, flavor, and the warmth of southern hospitality.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Comfort in Discomfort 2023-07-11 June's Country Kitchen Hasil Hurst, Terri June, Henley Henley makes Hasil walk all over Jericho. He thinks this is a favor to Hasil.
First Date All Over Again 2023-08-10 Grey County High School, June's Country Kitchen Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy Rusty recreates their first date for Jamie - as much as one can 18 years later.
Unofficial Welcoming Party 2023-08-29 June's Country Kitchen Kora Liu, Rusty Murphy Rusty meets the newest person in town because the Junes are too damn busy