Joshua Caldwell

From Dark City

Joshua Caldwell
Joshua Caldwell (1).jpeg
BirthdateAugust 9, 1990
OccupationLuxidine Machinist
ConceptHobbyist Carpenter
Played ByHugh Dancy
Player NameFEAscending
StatusActive PC


Joshua Caldwell is a man of average height, with blue eyes and shaggy short brown hair. Outside of work, he generally wears a button-down beneath a sweater and normal denim blue jeans. He isn't exactly extroverted; he will indulge in pleasantries with others. He isn't standoffish, but he is awkward in a way that most people in his life have talked about behind his back. He likes to work with his hands and spends a good deal of free time either building custom furniture or having a drink at the bar.


Josh was born in Raleigh in 1990. His family moved to Charlotte in 1999, and he lived there until 2023. He graduated high school in 2008, attended a trade school and got an internship for machinery at Luxidine. In 2013, Josh began working full time at the Luxidine facility in Charlotte. After receiving two promotions, he was offered a third that brought him to Jericho to work in the up-and-coming Luxidine Corp facility.

RP Hooks

Luxidine: Josh works at Luxidine. Josh is head machinist at the newly opening Luxidine facility and will be in a managerial role over new hires. Does your character work at Luxidine or want a position there? Is your character against this new facility opening?

Bartering in Favors: Does your character need a new dining room table? Perhaps your character wants a rocking chair or a special chest of drawers? Joshua designs and builds furniture in his free time. He is an adept woodworker and takes many forms of payment, including favors.

Drinking is for Everyone: Joshua finds himself at the bar almost as often as he can be found working on furniture. Is your character interested in arguing? Does your character want to start a bar fight? With a few drinks in him, Josh's temper starts to run short. He can have an easygoing conversation, but will almost never back down from a show of toxic masculinity.


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