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Johnny Braddock

The Masquerade:

Pronouns:  He/Him
Real Age:  26
Apparent Age:  20
Height:  5ft 7in
Weight:  145lbs
Build:  Wiry
Concept:  Shadowy Firebrand
Occupation:  Herald
Public Effects:  Status (Carthian Movement): •
 Status (City): ••

The Danse Macabre:

Clan:  Mekhet
Bloodline:  Khaibit
Covenant:  Carthian Movement
Position:  Courier
Coterie:  None
  Mystery Cult:  None
Mask:  Nurturer
Dirge:  Martyr
  Music:  Spotify playlist

“He was dark, too. I don't mean dark-skinned. No, this was different. It was as if he was always walking in a shadow. I mean every step he took towards the light, just when you thought his face was about to be revealed, it wasn't. It was as if the lights... dimmed... just for him..”
— Steve Buscemi, in the opening scene of Desperado


Johnny has come to New York in order to take his first steps out from under his Sire's shadow. He is an active member of the Carthian Movement and is working as a Herald of Prince Mab.

Having spent time on the streets in his mortal life, Johnny is keyed into the experience of the homeless. He keeps tabs on them, primarily looking into supernatural predators who may escape the notice of those who ignore their tribulations. He occasionally helps a few out directly, or contributes to causes which make their situation less dangerous.

In some ways Johnny plays up the tropes of the Mekhet. He prefers to stick to the shadows, and while true stealth aficionados are aware that an all-black ensemble is not always the best way to hide in darkness, he enjoys the image it projects. Meanwhile his ability to evade detection when he wants to is owed in equal parts to his skills and his vitae.

In other ways, he spits in the face of such expectations. Friendly, outgoing, quick to smile or lend a hand. He's comfortable with communicating through touch and flirtation, but is quick to shoot down real advances, whether serious or playful. More comfortable reading body language than minds, he's more likely to ask a difficult question point blank than pry it from you surreptitiously. While he doesn't consider himself a fighter, he's among the first to spring into action when the situation calls for it. He spends the majority of his time establishing connections, figuring out what people want or need so that he can prove himself a reliable ally. When he calls in favors, he's rarely working towards his own ends, rather helping to solve a problem for an ally, the Movement, or the City itself. If he has more selfish goals in all of this, he plays those very close to the vest.

Caught off guard, Johnny appears to be a pale, dark-haired twenty-something with grey eyes that gleam silver in light that never quite reaches his face. His hair is kept short and styled upward, always with more the air of a bedhead than a gel-hardened fashion statement. His toned and wiry frame reflects a mortal life sparse with food and comforts but laden with struggle and exercise. He's no air-brushed model, but he's attractive enough not to look out of place among them socially.

Under the blush of life, his complexion fills out and becomes less pale, while the traces of a gamely smile never quite disappear from his lips and writes itself into the corners of his eyes, where blue tones spring forth from the usually stormy greys, twinkling with suppressed mischief.

His demeanor carries confidence and poise, but he generally conducts himself in a manner that is perhaps overly casual, even when wearing formal attire, though he knows when the formalities are required enough not to ruffle the wrong feathers, and is known to swing quickly from casual to dramatically formal in an instant. In most cases he prefers casual clothing, and while some speculate otherwise, he truly does have a rotating ensemble of distinct pairs of black jeans, shirts, jackets, hoodies, and even multiple pairs of shoes, though many are visually indistinguishable apart from the odd patched hole.

Roleplaying Hooks

Friendly Shadows (anyone):

Sometimes you just need someone waiting in the wings who has your back. Maybe you're meeting with someone untrustworthy, maybe you need a witness, maybe you need a lookout, maybe you need to pull a disappearing act. Johnny's your guy.

Paranormal Phenomena Investigation (anyone):

Johnny is interested in the wider supernatural world he finds himself in. He is more than willing to work with other covenants and other supernatural denizens in order to investigate, analyze, understand, integrate, and combat any supernatural phenomena that roams the domain. His specialties are stealth and communication, relying on and supporting others when it's time to throw down.

Herald of Mab (Vampires):

Johnny's support of Prince Mab goes beyond their demand that every Vampire provide the city a service. He believes in the purported mission of securing the city against the threats that once made it barren of their kind, and in investigating any potential leads that would bring clarity to the threats faced in the past, present, and the future.

For now, his role is that of a Herald. Communicating Mab's will to the city and its inhabitants, ensuring that everyone knows the laws and edicts, lest they be broken in ignorance.

New York is a large place, and even with two Heralds at Mab's disposal, this can prove to be quite a task, especially when those Heralds do not see eye to eye.

The Four Ideals (Carthians):

For Johnny, Carthian Unity is real. Tolerance, Collective Action, Individual Rights, and the Duty to be a Complete Being. This means that he's willing to set aside moral, political, and philosophical differences to aid his brothers and sisters in the movement, and even outsiders, occasionally. He gives them the space to develop their own agendas as long as they pay their dues, while pushing them to find and pursue their own positions and missions. Above all, however, he believes in Collective Action. When Johnny is on a mission, he knocks on doors. Whether he's feeding or conducting a blood hunt, Johnny gets the movement involved, and everyone gets the opportunity to join up or pass. The reverse is also true, he tries to keep abreast of the activities of his fellow Carthians, and makes himself available to assist and support in any way they'll accept.


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