Johnathan Stockel

From Dark City

Johnathan Stockel
BirthdateMay 10, 1990
EyesDark Brown
HairDark Brown
OccupationPodcast Host/Paranormal Investigator (Freelance)
ConceptTown Weirdo
Played ByPenn Badgley
Player NameVoltaicOvine
VirtueLoyal (Patient)
ViceTunnel Vision (Deceitful)
OrderGuardians of the Veil
StatusActive PC


Johnny Stockel is a rangy thirty-something, brown-haired, brown-eyed, and on the pale side despite the amount of time he spends outside. His typical attire includes t-shirts referencing various cryptids, beat-up sneakers, and a backpack loaded with all the odds and ends an aspiring monster-hunter might require.


Nobody’s sure where Johnny went wrong, exactly. He never was quite right, always running around in the woods outside town hunting Mothman or death cats, but most people figured it was just a weird kid being a weird kid. Thirty-three is a little old to be a weird kid, though, and Johnny’s long since settled comfortably into his role as the town “eccentric.” He’s the Executive Producer and sole regular host of Haunted Holler, a semi-regular paranormal podcast recorded in “a secure bunker below deepest, darkest Appalachia,” (as near as anybody cares to guess, probably a shipping container under that bare patch back behind the old Stockel place), and constantly on the prowl for new material, interviewees, or anything else weird.

RP Hooks

Haunted Holler: Almost nobody who spends too long in the mountains 'completely' disbelieves in the supernatural, especially after dark. But Johnny takes it more than a bit further than everyone else. He's been obsessed with the weird and paranormal for as long as anyone can remember, particularly Appalachia's native cryptids. He's always eager to share what he knows, whether it be through his weekly podcast or a lengthy primer at The Schooner in between recording sessions.

Mostly Harmless: Johnny's zeal for the unexplained sometimes takes him to places he shouldn't be, strictly speaking. More than one Jericho resident has found the town eccentric searching underneath their porch for Wampus Cat tracks or poking around their back forty looking for signs of Ol' Blackeyes. He's never stolen or damaged anything, to the best of anyone's knowledge, and he always leaves without a fuss when told, so longtime Jericho residents mostly shrug and chalk it up to local color.

Caught in the Middle: Being best friends with your sister's ex-husband would be a tricky situation for anyone to navigate, and Johnny is far from the most adept at navigating those sorts of problems. Nevertheless, he gives bridging the gap his best shot. When either of them can find him, that is.


Jamie Murphy - My twin sister. Gonna make her proud one day.

Rusty Murphy - My best friend since forever. Wish things had worked out with them.

Colt Murphy - Rusty's dad. You can't help but respect him, even with... everything.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Not Grabbed by Bigfoot 2023-08-01 Johnny's Place Johnathan Stockel, Rusty Murphy Rusty pays Johnny a visit, and they get to talking. Johnny learns how much he's missed.