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Standing at a height of 6'3, Joel is not a small man. With his short hair, rough beard and mustache, and general 90s grunge attire, he can come off a little intimidating. His favorite Ts are often logoed, featuring a variety of things from bands, to general 90s concepts, or just anything that looks a little faded and worn. His height marks him as different, and though he might frighten a few people, he otherwise doesn't stand out overly much.

Mein: Beyond the eyes of mortals, his short cropped hair extends well beyond his shoulder and forms something more akin to a mane of soot. He does not sport a normal head, but of a goats skull with long blacken horns, brilliant burning yellow sockets, and spikes along the mouth. His physique is one that is hardened through work, and scarred with dents and chips. There is always a sort of ash that filters in the air when he moves, and the movement of air warms the coals of his veins, giving off a warm glow that only grows in intensity with the strength of the air.

He wears only shorts, though they are torn, frayed, and burned above the knee. The same sort of fur found at his head and neck, covers his limbs, though in smaller tufts. Thick hands are only made more menacing with thick nails that burn like his veins. He does not wear shoes, not because he isn't fond of them, but because there aren't many shoes one can wear with cloven hooves that leave brief, charcoal prints on the floor when he moves.

A short, tuft of a tail is present, though hardly much more than that.

Mantle: It's quite subtle, and easy to miss. It's the soft chill just at the edge of the fire's radial warmth. It's the gentle puff of air that emerges from his nostrils with each breath.

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RP Hooks
Coal in the Furnace:

Joel spent his durance in the Devouring Abyss, burned into coal to fire the furnaces. It was his fire, and those like them, that helped forge the weapons of battle.

Former Alcoholic As a former alcoholic himself, he spends time in support groups with others dealing with addiction recovery. He's there as an ear when others need support outside of regular meetings, helping people grieve the relationships they destroyed, and help find a path forward.

Welder: His employment in the mortal realm takes the form of welding chassis and other modern items. The work can be long, and hard, but it helps him take his mind off of things.

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Joel Wicks


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Full Name: Joel Sebastian Wicks
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Artist
Age: 36
Height: 6'4
Mantle: 2 [Winter]
Occupation: Blacksmith/Welder
Public Effects:
Keeper: The Archdevil Xekanius
Useful Things: Air of Menace

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