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πŸ–€Lotta things worth doin' don't pay.
                                 ...They only cost ya.πŸ–€ 

TLDR version –

β€œ...what has she done this time?”

Jet Jenko has always been a reluctant monster, a stone-futch mechanic and music maker. She tended to attract strays of all kinds and provided a safe place Wolf Blooded and Uratha to rest while struggling to find her place within her people.

And now?

She's been π”…π”’π”žπ”±π”’π”« down and α—·α–‡OKEα‘Ž.
She's gone from figurative to literal oΟ…Ρ‚cΞ±Ρ•Ρ‚.
She doesn't so much have a shoulder as much as it is one big chip.
She has a ᴍᴇᴀɴ κœ±α΄›Κ€α΄‡α΄€α΄‹ a mile wide and is constantly on the verge of finally snapping.

She's a loser. A fuck-up. She's the lowest of the low. She is ΠΊβ„“ΞΉaΡ‚.

Eventually, she saw the writing on the wall.

Days were getting numbered.

She left the city.

Achieving very little.

It was a heck of a ride though.


What you get with Jet depends on where and when you meet her. She has tall energy despite her average height of 5'6, a slightly curvy body accentuated by muscle, a head of wild, silky hair as dark as her namesake. She had vivid brown eyes, that are now splashed red, gleaming a bright, sinister crimson. They have sharp facial features with a distinctly pointed, broken nose and lips often curved with a wry smile. Jet's skin is pale, but hot to the touch, her teeth are sharp and strong and her grip is stronger. Her voice is low and husky, with a wandering midwestern accent, hitching with a little squeak when she laughs, scraping like shards of gravel when she's pissed off. If she's not covered in machine grease and coveralls, then she's cycling through scuffed dark leather, torn blue denim or frayed red flannel like '94 never ended.

πŸ–€Some Traits:πŸ–€

β˜… Has a knack for falling in with small cliques of mismatched weirdos and outcasts and sometimes becoming a defacto leader, making decisions if no one else does. This is done more out of a sense of not wanting to sit around idle rather than an actual drive to lead.

β˜… She Attempted to drown out the rage and the visions with sound. It doesn't really work but it got her into making music. She has a nu-shoegaze/grunge project called 'Luminous Jaw'. It's a passion thing, not really a profit deal, she has fun making the cassette tapes though. She's on vocals and lead guitar and does the engineering while other band members drop in and out.)

β˜… She's a darn good mechanic and sparky, currently working part-time at a local garage. Likes working on older cars and bikes, stuff with less computerized bits, likes to keep things simple. The skills carry over into keeping all sorts of obsolete devices going, tvs, vcrs, which she does for fun. Sometimes they fix up cars by pulling gremlins out of them.

β˜… Butch Aroma - Jet has a distinctive scent of sweat, leather, engine oil and cinnamon, any character with a decent sense of smell would pick up on when she's close to them, probably a bit more so for characters with wolf sences.

β˜… While they work off the books, she gets paid well and owns her own living space, an open-plan garage. It's their own tiny slice of the city, her territory. It doubles as a temporary refuge for all kinds of strays, especially Wolfblooded and other Ghost Wolves.

β˜… She's a good example of what happens when a werewolf tries to starve the call of the hunt. The hunger just grows stronger. When she first started changing, she'd force herself to stay in Dalu and Hishu or states, attempting to deny her other monstrous sides. When she could, she'd chain herself up when she felt the death rage coming, taking high doses of thioridazine (an antipsychotic/tranquilizer) to keep it locked away, often she still does. She is still scared of going Gauru and hates being in Urshul or Urhan forms. The side effect of all this? Paradoxically, the years of denial pulled her further and further to the edge of true monstrosity, the stronger her Dalu side became, the more intense her need to hunt grew, burning brighter and more ravenous.

β˜… Her Gauru, Urshul and Urhan forms are all visibly malformed (reflecting the stat decreases from her Favored Form merit)

β˜… During her long years of being Ghost, she avoided speaking First Tongue and developed her own Dialect for some Wolf terms called Ghost-Speak. She still uses it but now it's more of an affectation that she mixes with First Tongue instead of being a spiteful replacement.

β˜… α΄…-de𝓒tabli𝕫edd- Jet's Harmony is currently at 8, Just seeing her Moon Phase in the sky will send her into a π•½π–†π–Œπ–Š. Making her issue.

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RP Hooks
Just Need A Place To Crash? (Uratha, Wolfblooded and maybe others?)

Jet's Shed is a spot where other Uratha and Wolfblooded are welcome to crash for a bit. The entrance is kinda hidden, if you don't know the place just follow the Rat Spirit. The one that looks like a pet rat, not a sewer rat. She'll lead the way, she's got a fondness for stays of all stripes.

Spanner Slinging (Uratha, Wolfblooded and maybe others?)

Seems common for some of people to be into pulling things apart and putting them back together. If there is a project that needs more than one set of hands, Gear Heads Unite.

She's In the Band (anyone)

Jet has a band. She is on vocals, lead guitar and does the engineering, she has a Bassist, Goldie but no drummer. She's looking for one so she can quit hiring house drummers when she plays but she's also looking out for anyone else who might be a good fit (note, the band is a nu shoegaze/grunge outfit. So think My Bloody Valentine x Nirvana x Scarling)

Buff Leather Babe ♀♀ (anyone)

She's a Lesbian, She has an Assa, but she's poly and it's open, if you're sapphic try yer luck.

Talon Rookie (werewolves)

She doesn't like crossing into the Hissil and avoids it and most Spirits as much as possible. So when it came to Hunts in her long years as Ghost, she mostly preyed on Humans. Recently has she become a Blood Talon. While she is supposed to be Hunting other Werewolves, her mettle is largely untested and she's not about to attempt her sacred Prey without Hunting partners.

πŸ–€πŸ’€πŸ–€Deeds and RumorsπŸ–€πŸ’€πŸ–€

⛦ Merciless ⛦ Jet ran a Hunt with Diana and Emilia. It being Emilia's first-ever hunt! Emilia quit after the first leg of the hunt due to Jet's savagery, with rumours spread of how 'she tortured a man and burned him alive'. Jet has a different take of the subject, though few have asked for her side of the tale.

⛦ Moon-Sinner ⛦ In her long years as a Ghost Wolf, Jet carried a deep resentment for her circumstances...and Luna herself. This culminated with an accidental Oath Break. She was brought before the Cahalunim by Lex, and Sam assisted with pleading her case. Jet was found Guilty and was given a Sin-Quest to complete in order to earn redemption...but not forgiveness. During this time, Jet was stripped of her Primal Urge, making her weak and feeble and was cursed to only speak First Tongue during her Moon Phase.

⛦ Most Dangerous Hunter ⛦ Jet was one of the handful of Urdaga who participated in Chariya's Ritual Hunt on the synthetic Pangea. She has bares the scars and has complicated feelings about the whole ordeal.

⛦ The Lowest Stepped Up⛦ When the Pure intruded on the Rite Under the Pink Moon, Jet was among the Urdaga that battled against the Adir's pack when they Death Raged.

⛦ Bloodied Claws ⛦ Jet has finally found her tribe. She is now Suthar Anzuth. She somehow managed to lose a fight yet emerge victorious. No other details are publicly known...she seems conflicted about the whole ordeal.

⛦ Cast Out ⛦ Lex and Jet committed an act of brutality against their own when attempting to dig for the truth. In the fallout, Lex left New York, and Jet was formally ostracized by the City's Protectorate.

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Jet Jenko - Hisau
Jet Jenko - Dalu and Hisau portraits
Jet in her Dalu state
Jet's Malformed Gauru State

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Lines and Veil Saftey Stuff

πŸ–€ - Stuff I'm totally fine with and enjoy - real coarse language, psychical violence, gore, romance, kissing, touching etc. both soft and hard drugs, referencing sex.

Ø - Stuff I'm not fine with and would be a trigger for me - having agency taken away, especially without consent (i.e mind control etc.)

Generally, we should talk and check in OOC if you wanna tackle tricky stuff with Jet. I tend to dive pretty headlong into troubling-type content!

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"Self-hater. Great at cars. Cute." - πΈπ“ˆπ“‰π“‡π‘’π“π“π’Ά π’±π‘’π“Γ‘π“π“†π“Šπ‘’π“

"Bestie of Besties. Absolutely thrilled to have her back in my life." - π’Ÿπ’Ύπ’Άπ“ƒπ’Ά π»π“Šπ“π“‰π“

"My heart bleeds for her.
A sweetie like her doesn't deserve to go through all that."- π’₯π‘’π“ƒπ“ƒπ“Ž π’’π“‡π‘’π“Ž

"You were so worried I would turn out like you,
now I want to be anything but like you." - 𝐸𝓂

"Freaks of a feather flock together" - [Μ²Μ…K][Μ²Μ…i][Μ²Μ…t]

"Not nearly as broken as she thinks she is. Not anymore." - Lex

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Jet Jenko
Jet - Renewal webby.jpg

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PRONOUNS: She/Her + They/Them

AGE: 34

D.O.B - 23/10/1988 (of course this bitch is a Scorpio)
πŸŒ” Last Night of Waxing Gibbous Phase πŸŒ”

Height (in Hishu): 5'6, taller with boots.

CONCEPT: Safe House Provider, Stone-Futch Mechanic, Music Maker, Reluctant Monster.


Crafts, Auto-mechanic (β€’β€’β€’β€’)

Anonymity (β€’)

Safe Place (β€’β€’β€’)(other Urdaga and Wolfblooded might know it)

β˜…Primal Urge (β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’) Feelin' The Rage.

Ostracized (Protectorate) - Hated by my own. Fuckers. Liars. Vultures.

AUSPICE: Cahalith

BLOOD: Monster

BONE: Confidant

TRIBE: Blood Talons

SPIRIT RANK: (β€’β€’)

PACK: Maybe

LODGE: None at the moment.


   Cunning β€’
   Glory β€’β€’β€’

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Played By: User:Sarah Carapace