Jessica Fox

From Dark City

Jessica Fox
Jess Ship.png
BirthdateAugust 19, 1995
HeightJust shy of 6'
HairSunset Red
OccupationBrothel Owner
ConceptStormborn Siren
Played ByBella Thorne
Player NameCliffracer
StatusActive PC


Nearly six feet tall and with a form that easily draws thoughts to the sensual, Jessica cuts a striking figure even from a distance. Her hair, a dark red the color of sunsets that drapes to the small of her back, is vivid against her pale skin, which is smooth and free from nearly any blemish. Sharp green eyes and bowed lips are the central figure in a face that is otherwise sharp angles in her jawline and cheekbones, and she is lean and strong. If anyone ever looked like they belonged on a stage, it's her.


A musician, an addict, and someone who had by and large turned inward on themselves after a series of abusive relationships, Jessica was someone who already had a number of skeletons hiding in a number of closets. So many skeletons, so many closets.

Then she was taken ny the Fae.

Whatever corner of Arcadia Jess emerged from, the changes on her were drastic. She's pretty tight-lipped about the whole experience, but it was clear she was both terrified of her Keeper and, to some degree, had embraced the necessity of keeping her happy while she was there.

Unfortunately, her Keeper was the type who bored easily, and delighted in cruelty above all else. 'Whatever it takes to get out' was Jessica's motto during her Durance, and the ends justified the means for her in ways that left their scars on her psyche and her morals. Her Keeper was of the sea, and the sea, in a way far less metaphorical than she might have hoped, fused itself to her soul and became a part of her.

The only thing that kept her safe was finally finding love in Camille Rossi. She held onto Camille with an iron grip through every step of the way, and when they dragged themselves out, they did so hand-in-hand.

Now she's out, and as hunted as she might be, it's the first time she's really had a chance to take a breath in ages. The question becomes, how much of who she became in Arcadia does she want to keep -- and how much of that does she no longer have a choice in?


Shy of wearing a nun's habit and veil or heavy use of Glamour, there's no way Jessica could pass herself off as anything but a Changeling to those in the know. Her eyes are a vivid, kaleidoscopic cacophony of reds, violets and blues, seeming to draw ever inwards, while patterns of iridescent scales in greens, violets and lavenders have been layered over her body, from her stomach to her collar, where they spread down the underside of her arms and into the palms of her hands and fingertips.

The scales likewise rise up her face, spreading along her jaw and up through her lips and filtrum, to the bridge of her nose, where they curve along her cheekbones and end at her temples. On her legs and feet, nacreous mother-of-pearl provides a shimmer of another kind, reinforcing delicate joints and her shins.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A series of visits upon Mister Westly 2024-07-17 Westly & Co. Lending House Edwin Westly, Selena Solis, Jessica Fox, Camille Rossi One customer turns into several more for poor Edwin
Sunshine Is Good For You, Edwin 2024-07-18 Bayview Garden Camille Rossi, Edwin Westly, Jessica Fox Edwin is caught relaxing for once by the couple definitely not from the future