Jenny Nelson

From Dark City

Jenny Nelson
BirthdateApril 4, 1971
OccupationOwner of the Jericho Historical Society
ConceptLive Laugh Love That You Stopped By!
Played ByJoan Cusack
Player NameJJ
Local GroupsGrey County PTA, Jericho Historical Society
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusDead NPC


A tall woman with dyed blonde hair and comfortable pastel clothing. She prefers pinks, yellows and soft blues if possible. The smell of fabric softener and hazelnut coffee creamer proceeds her.


Everyone knows Jenny because every one has met her in person. She's the PTA, fundraising, summer event organizing soccer mom that people have had plenty of. Most turn and run the other direction as everyone knows she's just a bit much, but Jenny means well. A natural caregiver, she's got snacks in her purse if you're hungry, or a flask with a little vodka if you need that afternoon push (our secret).

RP Hooks

JERICHO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The museum is open to the public 11-3 Tuesday through Friday. As most of the history materials are from the Nelson family collection, Jenny is more than happy to walk you through the ins and outs of the coal mining town and its celebrated past.

PTA JUNKIE - There is no school function that goes down without Jenny's input. She's very outspoken about the safety and well being of Jericho's children and makes sure that they have the best at all times.

BOOK CLUB - Everyone knows no reading is ever done at the book club. While yes, Jenny has a book on hand to defend herself, this group is more about spilling tea than turning pages. The gossip here is considered gospel by most house wives.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Lucy at The Jericho Historical Society 2023-06-25 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson Lucy looks for answers beyond the library.
Breaking into the past 2023-06-30 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson, The Vrăjitoare, Henley Henley and Lucy ride in the trans am and do crimes.