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"Okay, darling, let me make this perfectly clear for you. It happened. It was, I'm sure, quite horrid. That was then. This is now. I don't care anymore."

"Take a look at me currently. I have everything I could possibly want. Money, luxury, lovers, and - more importantly - power. Do you think any of that would have happened without my little trip to the arena? Of course not. So, then. Why waste time on being sad when I could concentrate on what matters?"

Wealth, glamour, sex, entertainment, cocaine, power. It's all so easy. If you want something? Ask for it, and you'll get it. If you want somebody? Well, flutter your eyelashes and the same approach works.
People act like this is difficult. Like access to the levers of power is some privilege that only the lucky get. Those people aren't trying hard enough. A word in the right ear gets you into the right parties, and then you network, and then maybe you sleep with the right people and blackmail the right people and flatter the right people, and now you're one of the in-crowd. And from there? The world, my dear, is your oyster.
Arcadia was the same. Oh, you had a horrible time there, it made you very sad. That's a pity. Did you try just walking out? No sneaking or subterfuge or daring flight, just walking briskly out the first unlocked door, and daring anybody to stop you? You'd be surprised how easy that sort of thing is.
Of course, the real world moves on. One starts from nothing, and works one's way up. Vagrancy leads to sex work, leads to entertainment, leads to high society, leads to the good life. The new millenium was a wonderful time for that sort of thing. Climbing the ladder is trivial if you actually bother.

If you can't do that? Well, that sounds like a you problem. Maybe you're just not as good.

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RP Hooks
  • Do you like to indulge yourself? I can provide that, I know people.
  • Do you have a problem with the humans that you need fixed? I can do that, too, I know basically everybody with power.
  • Do you need something found out? Yes, I can do that, I know everybody worth listening to.
  • Do you need your mind taken off things? Darling, I'm the most distracting person you'll meet, I can do whatever you want.
  • Do you need a bracing shot of bourbon, a slap across the cheek and to be told to get a grip? I can do that too.

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Jenny Grey
Jenny Grey

Also Jenny Grey

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Full Name: Jennifer Anne Grey
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Chatelaine
Mein: Herself, in stylish monochrome
Age: It's rude to ask.
Height: 5'6
Mantle: Spring 3
Title: Reconnaissance & Rose Cavalier
Occupation: Professional Companion.
Public Effects: Fame (1 - if you go to the right parties you know her)
Striking Looks (2)
Arts/Media/Society Status (2)
Law/Government Status (1)
Keeper: Irrelevant
Favourite thing: The Lobster Frittata at Norma's.
Favourite person: Dr. Adelaide-Maebh Lovelace

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Played By: User:Cavegirl