Jeff Park

From Dark City

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Jeff Park drives because it's in his blood. He'll tell you that when you're in the back seat of his Uber. Unless you want to ride up front, that's cool too. You can choose what's on the radio man. His silver Prius which he lovingly refers to as the Silver Bullet, because Dan Attias is an unrecognized genius man, is tricked out with led strip lights and horror movie memorabilia including a Chucky bobble head doll for his paddle shifter.
RP Hooks
  • Five Star Review - Need to get from point A to point B in half the time? You've been blessed with the right Uber Driver. Jeff knows the streets like an neurotic 11 year old knows his Legos. He has Oreo sleeves for drunk customers. Bottles of water and popsicles on hot days. Enjoys all varieties (and can sing along with them too!) of music. This Uber is your oyster. It's almost as if Jeff knows what you need before you even ask.
  • Horror Movies - Which Friday the 13th Movie was your favorite? Did you hear they're remaking Candy Man? Did you know Charlie Sheen almost got the role of Glenn in a Nightmare on Elm Street, but it went to Johnny Depp because Sheen wanted too much money? Talk about Horror Movies and Jeff will not stop.
  • Drag Queen Karaoke - While not intro drag himself, he's a huge fan. He's often spotted at Wild Wanda-Fu, a drag bar in the Bronx, where he croons out karaoke with the best of them. He's big into Nancy Sinatra.
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Jeff Park(NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: Early 30's
Occupation: Friendly Neighborhood Uber Driver
Public Effects: Barfly