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“Sure the Fight Was Fixed. I Fixed It with a Right Hand.”
    -  George Foreman

The Sin-Eater: He's unsettling to make eye-contact with for too long. There's an air of barely-restrained violence to him, and his dark green eyes gleam like knives. Jed stands at about 5'9", with a gaunt face and lean, muscular frame. He's usually scowling. He's got a bit of stubble to him, but not much. His dark hair is always an unkept mess. He usually wears a ratty old olive green jacket and a well-worn pain of steel-toed combat boots. When he does speak - a rarity - he has a gravelly voice, and a distinctly Appalachian drawl.

The Geist: Meet her eyes for a while and she seems so familiar; look away and you start to forget her face entirely. The details trickle back in a horrific cascade. She's always whispering, but she has no mouth; the secrets she shares are not her own. Her skull is dented, her neck ever so slightly askew. Her blue eyes — they were blue, right? — are so pallid as to almost be white. Her clothes are unremarkable, spattered with black blood stains and caked in grave dirt. The smaller details change every time you look away and back again. Sometimes she's got freckles. Sometimes she's blonde. The dent in her skull is always there though. And her mouth is always gone.

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RP Hooks
I Know A Guy: Jed knows a lot of bad people, from disgruntled veterans, to black marketeers, to outlaw bikers. For a finder's fee, he'll connect you to someone who can help you commit the felony of your choice. Of course, knowing these people means swimming in their circles, so people with criminal connections have probably seen the Sin-Eater skulking around known underworld hangouts.

Morbid Curiosity (Geist) : Jed is a Pilgrim with a growing fascination about the Underworld. He's collected stories, heard rumors, and dreamt of the place, and even delved its depths a few times - and each time he comes back out, he's jonesing for his next opportunity to go back. He's willing to come along with any Sin-Eaters trekking past an Avernian Gate, and will offer himself as muscle and protection to them.

Scrappy Midweight: Jedediah boxes. A lot. These days, he mostly practices with punching bags, but he's been known to spar on occasion. When he has free time, and he isn't out at a bar or assisting other Sin-Eaters, he can be found in any number of gyms across the Five Boroughs.

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Jedediah Craye
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The Sin-Eater

Name: Jedediah 'Jed' Craye
Age: Mid-to-late 20s.
Pronouns: He/Him
Profession: Dive Bar Bouncer
Burden: Vengeful
Archetype: Pilgrim
Public Effects: Air of Menace

The Geist
Name: The Jane Doe
Rank: 3

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Played By: Neon