Jay Watts

From Dark City

Jay Andrew Watts "InactiveMage" is not in the list (Changeling, Geist, Hunter, Mage, Mortal, Mummy, Promethean, Werewolf, Vampire, Mortal+ (Special)) of allowed values for the "Sphere" property.
BirthdateFebruary 13, 1998
EyesDull Brown
HairDark Brown
OccupationLibrary Attendant
ConceptCuriosity Killed The Cat
Played ByDiego Barrueco
Player NameNicklaus
SphereInactiveMage"InactiveMage" is not in the list (Changeling, Geist, Hunter, Mage, Mortal, Mummy, Promethean, Werewolf, Vampire, Mortal+ (Special)) of allowed values for the "Sphere" property.
StatusInactive PC


Jay carries with him small dog energy - a little loud when he gets worked up, alternately seeming too cool for any of this or wanting to be big man on campus, and not able to back it up when his mouth gets him into trouble. Scrawny, freckled, and always staring into space, he presents himself as a small presence most of the time since he seems to prefer being left alone to think.


Born in the back of a trans am with one gift from his daddy - a surname. Since then, it's been all downhill from there. His momma's family didn't approve, but when she had an unfortunate combine accident, he ended up with ol' aunt Irma. Always a weird kid, he shoved himself into his books and talked a big talk about going to college and getting out of this town.

Jay never got out of this town. Like most, he never got the cash up to go someplace different, and even if he did, it's not like his old shitty van would make it on the roads too far. Clunker's about to die. So no, he made do with what he could. Now he's got a sweet job as a librarian... which barely pays the bills and has him bossed around by a crotchety old bitch who hates computers. Welcome to the glorious life of Jay Watts

RP Hooks

Nose in a Book: Jay works at the local library which most details telling kids to not dog-ear books all day. He's not always the nicest when approached, but give him something weird to see if h can get you and if they don't have it, he'll see about ordering it. It's made for a rather eclectic reading room selection.

Horror Ho: True Crime Podcasts, Slashers, if something goes bump in the night or get real bloody, Jay's interested. He'll always go see that shitty bootleg of a crappy Korean Horror flick your uncle bought back in the day. Yes, even if it means going to your shack in the woods where nobody's around for miles. Maybe he's got a death wish.

Loose Lips: People really should learn who they can't trust to keep a secret. Jay's that guy who can't resist gossip - either giving or receiving. Versatile gossiper for anyone. It's gotten the shit kicked out of him more times than he can count, but he never learns his lesson.