Jason Kellem

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"Always know the limits of your abilities and your equipment. Understanding the short comings is the difference between life and death."

Jason is a largely quiet man who seems to always be staring past his surroundings at something else. He can be often found working at Filson or Orvis Outfitters near Broadway. He's usually dressed like man about to embark on an adventure but rarely leaves Manhattan.

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RP Hooks
Escape- Jason will take any excuse to leave the city.

Adventure- Jason will talk outdoors adventure with another that proves they aren't just weekend glampers.

Animals are better than people- Jason likes to interact with animals often Feeding birds or squirrels, petting dog and cats. If you share an interest in fawna Jason would be happy to chat. Jason will also react negative when other are unnecessarily cruel to animals.

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Jason Kellem

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Striking Looks 2

Athletic Body Str3 Sta4

Clothes are usually outdoorsy

Gaze is often aloof.

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Played By: JDHUNTER82