Jason Jordan

From Dark City

Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan.png
BirthdateMarch 28, 1996
HairBlonde Brown
ConceptGone Mad
Player NameJJ
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


Mask: Jason's features since he was taken by The Vrăjitoare have twisted, morphing into exaggerated versions of their originals. His eyes are wild and manic, his smile takes up the majority of his face and never leaves. It is so constant, the dimples of his face are often cracked and bleeding. Madness has overcome Jason, laughter his weapon of choice against the darkness. Through sorrow and pain, there will always be a cracked cackling of insanity.

Mein: A humanoid collection of burning embers that pulses and roars with Jason's laughter.


Taken shortly before his sister Lucy Jordan, The Vrăjitoare tortured Jason into submission. He now serves her loyally along side Lyle Henley, and shows no signs of desiring to leave - though perhaps he doesn't even know that's an option any longer.




Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou 2023-09-14 Lucy Jordan, Jason Jordan, Lyle Henley Lucy reaches out to her brother for answers.