Jasmine West

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Jasmine West


The Mask The Mien
Pronouns:  She/Her Seeming:  Fairest
Aliases:  Rose Meadows Kith:  Dryad
   Ivy Greene Court:  Spring
Real Age:  19 Position:  None
Apparent Age:  24 Goodwill:  None
Height:  5ft 7in Needle:  Bon Vivant
Weight:  122lbs Thread:  Joy
Build:  Willowy Motley:  None
Concept:  Dryad Florist Player:  Cinn
Public Effects:  Striking Looks: •
 Mantle (Spring): •••

“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”

— Gordon B. Hinckley


Stretched tightly around her fae self, Jasmine's Mask portrays a youthful woman with an attentive, curious gaze and long, wavy hair. Her figure is lithe, her waist narrow and her legs sylphlike, and she exudes an innate, effortless grace in stillness and in motion alike. Quick both to smile and to laughter, Jasmine has a lively and energetic personality, eager to make friends and perhaps just a bit too trusting for her own good. Her style in fashion is eclectic, if she even has a style at all, often dressing in vibrant and whimsical manners.

Her Mien is the very image of an exotic creature plucked straight from some primeval, time-forgotten grove dedicated to the Old Gods, a forest spirit draped in vines and forest verdure, wildflowers growing for hair and emerald moss arching above her warm, hazel-hued eyes. Chlorophyll tinges Jasmine's smooth skin in muted green tones and thick, viscous sap trickles through her veins, part human and part tree, more at home in remote wilderness than the concrete, glass, and steel cityscape of New York.

The sensation of dappled sunlight filtered through overhead canopies accompanies the dryad's Mantle, her form enveloped in alluring scents of Arcadian orchards and fey glades in bloom. A distinct joie de vivre springs—pun very much intended—from its folds, urging memories of all the good thigs in life; teeth pressing into sweet, succulent plums; limbs moving to bewitching notes of pan flutes; or the softness of lips pressing against a lover's skin for the first time, and so on. It is an Emerald Court's Mantle redolent of carefree mirth, a defiant blitheness that boldly proclaims its triumph over the Gentry and the woes left in their wake.

Roleplaying Hooks:

Green Fingers, Green Soul

Even after her Durance, the dryad has an intimate connection with nature, and feels a particular kinship with plants. She goes on regular trips across the state, and sometimes out of it, just to experience the magnificence and splendour of nature. Even in the city, she spends a considerable amount of time in various parks, and she even owns a small flower shop with an adjacent greenhouse, offering a wide array of potted plants and bouquet flowers.

Aspiring Singer

Music has become an integral part of her life, a passion that serves as an outlet for all of her many tangled thoughts, and feelings, and hopes, and fears. She can found alongside 'Artemis', her trusted spruce and rosewood guitar, singing at local bars and other establishments. Some of her music is even available online under the stage name Rose Meadows, though she is still a relatively unknown artist, still hoping to catch the big break.

A Thorny Trek

Jasmine is an inveterate Hedge scout, often straying from the safety of the Trods to investigate rumours of hobgoblin and other fae activity in and around New York. She even has her very own Hollow at the edge of the Freehold territory, a place where she grows all manner of outlandish fruits, berries, and flowers, some of which has strange and unusual properties. She is willing to offer her aid to any Lost in their travels through the Hedge.


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