Jamie Murphy

From Dark City

Jamie Stockel Murphy
BirthdateMay 10, 1990
SkintoneLightly Tan
HairDirty Blonde
ConceptSmall Town Medic
Played ByElizabeth Olsen
Player Namekatieplays
Local GroupsGrey County Coyotes
StatusActive PC


Jamie is of average height and weight, and pretty enough in a girl-next-door kind of way. She's a jeans and a teeshirt kind of gal, and used to smile a lot more than she has the last couple years. These days she often just looks weary. She spends enough time outside to have a bit of a tan but has the relatively soft (albeit dry from constant washing) hands of someone who does more delicate work.

Public Effects: Status - From Here (1), Tolerance for Biology, Patient, Good Time Management, Tight Lipped


Jamie is the closest thing to a trauma surgeon in the closest thing to a hospital in Jericho. She's in her early-30s, has lived here her whole life, and has a couple of siblings. She once dreamed of leaving for somewhere bigger, but she never did, going only as far as she had to for school.

She and her high school sweetheart got married pretty much right after graduation and everyone thought it would be a fairy tale, but things got messy over the years and they split up, which somehow only made it all messier, and hearing them fight if they're in the same place wasn't uncommon until recently.

All this has lead her to a tired and weary demeanor, but somewhere inside that happier, optimistic person still exists, and she's loyal to a fault to any of her friends.

RP Hooks

Hold My Beer (All): You did something dumb, got yourself injured, and can't go to the hospital. Jamie will patch you up, but will also tell you what an idiot you are the whole time. Still, if you need to be sure cops and/or insurance don't get involved, she's your gal.

Class of 2008 (All): It's a small town, everyone knows everyone, but if you were in high school at the same time as Jamie, maybe you know her a little better. Were you in Debate Club or Cheer together? Were you jealous she landed the quarterback? Did you try to copy her homework? Old news now, time to catch up.

Let's Get Beats!

  • Short Term: Get Colt sober if even only for one day
  • Short Term: Talk about the thing in the Barn
  • Long Term: Get life back on some kind of track


Johnathan Stockel - My twin brother. Don't you dare let me hear you say anything bad about him.

Rusty Murphy - It's a little complicated still.

Colt Murphy - Always my Father-in-Law, regardless of what happens with Rusty. We have to watch out for each other.

Rebecca Willows - Everybody has to have a best friend. This is mine.

Angel Cleary - Tired, old, and uncool just like me.