James Evans

From Dark City

James Evans
BirthdateMay 6, 1992
ConceptHero in the Corner
Played ByTom Cullen
Local GroupsGrey County Coyotes
StatusActive PC


This Irascible, grumpy, peppery local boy has a chip on his shoulder. The Evans’ lineage has always been the outsider sort, so it figures Jimmy has never really taken a shine to his neighbours in the fullest and most profound way. Still, peppery isn’t mean and grumpy isn’t cruel. The man is laconic but not wont to ignore others and he makes a point of not being rude or impolite, if anything his manners are right on point. This prickly fellah oozes the need for closeness, for human compassion and contact, making something about his outlying person a pull, or perhaps a cautionary tale instead.

He’s deep voiced but not harsh, prone to speak softly, many ask him to “say that again” because of his quiet ways. He has a typical local accent, Appalachian through and through and unashamed of it. His vocabulary is up to standard though, dodging any hillbilly stereotypes that the wider world tags to the aforementioned accent. He’s tall and fit, clearly purposely built but not bulked. A lean muscle, practiced and utilitarian. His ears stick out, something he’s self-conscious about, but Jimmy is a handsome man all around. His dark hair is kept short, yet a tad shaggy. His beard carries this same contrast and, like a tide, shrinks and grows by the week, typically found someplace in between full beard and stubble, the darkness of it making the facial hair more pronounced. Like his body his clothing is utilitarian. Jeans and Tees, likely the same few cycled this way and that over the week, with an occasional flannel atop for variety. Jimmy’s a darkness, but not a dark person. Something about his terseness is defensive and hardshelled, but he’s not an unlikable person. Though that’s hard to see sometimes.


Jimmy’s family have been local to Jericho for generations, a periphery lot always on the out with whatever is on the in. Jimmy’s kin were supposedly connected to John Brown and his raid back in the 19th century and it is the Evans family who, with great damage to local reputation over the decades past, fought for the Union during the Civil War.

Jimmy’s family life was always scruffy but not decidedly terrible, passing the time working on cars or hunting. He grew up in Sunny Valley Trailer Park and the band of rough shewn homes had their comforts. Shit changed radically after his dad vanished without a trace, only to reappear years later. The trailer residents seemed to take his sudden return without so much as a ‘where ya been’, nor did they question Alan’s penchant for only appearing at night or, for that matter, his growing "Blood Cult".

The Cult in the trailer park had to be dealt with and it fell to James and Travis, a Sunny Valley pal and emotional tension, to take care of the problem. The fallout was immense, with Alan dead, Travis injured severely, a few more bodies, and a fire at the Community Centre. The War of the Trailer Park tethered James and Travis during the height of the conflict, as two souls connecting on a level not broadly allowed in their small town environment. This too was shattered at the end. Travis left town, running ahead of the creeping fallout of the event, and Jimmy secluded deeper than ever before, falling into a brief period of drinking and brawling. Too much had happened, the emotional (and legal and supernatural) baggage was too difficult to look at, yet sparked the Vigil. The violent event at Sunny Valley remains conjecture amongst the larger town, with drugs being the typical answer.

Hounded by that past event, a shadow on Jericho's memory, the miasma that ended in his dad's death and the departure of someone close to him, Jimmy now keeps to himself as best he can, cleaned up and respectable, no more brawls, but still stand-offish. Yet the War of the Trailer Park unavoidably roped him into the Hunter community in Jericho, with Jimmy determined to keep the Vigil lest the event repeat. With eyes open and his connection to the “event”, it was they, his new comrades, what found him.

RP Hooks

Greased Lightnin’: James loves to work on cars and he's damned good behind the wheel to boot. He works in the local Jericho Garage and chances are high he's serviced your vehicle from time to time. He's not a rod-head, preferring simpler machines that are reliable and, so he claims, isn't a speed-adrenaline junky. As is his character, James likes to do his law-breaking privately and away from the broader public. More than a few have witnessed him ripping across the mountains and hollers in his truck and amazing speed and ability. But no... he won't race you.

Longshanks: A brooding dark figure in the corner of the bar, drinking along, hidden in shadow. The man is a trope waiting to happen. For someone so prone to be at arms length, he sure does go out often. James frequents the local bars but is almost always alone, doodling or, lamer yet, reading while nursing a pint. He hasn't approached you, but maybe you've approached him (wary of his past bar-brawls, so far behind him yet so fresh in long-lasting community memory).

In the Tree: James is a hunter. This isn't abnormal for the region and, despite his stand-offishness, he's been known to accompany fellow hunters during the season. He's a pretty good shot, but not a braggart.


Cell Mates



Orville Peck - Big Sky

Urban Heat - Have You Ever

Killstation - Filth


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tension at the Schooner 2023-06-12 The Schooner Bar & Grill Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, James Evans, Jamie Murphy A quiet night full of tension at the bar and grill.
An Old Shirt 2023-06-15 The Schooner James Evans, Travis Martinez James tries to give Travis an old shirt of his, Travis gives it back. That's all. Nothing more, surely.
Radio Chatter and Half a Bottle 2023-06-17 The Coyote Den Colt Murphy, Jamie Murphy, James Evans, Daniel Bowen, Eddie Jenkins, Travis Martinez The cell gets news of strange sightings nearby and a missing cell in the area.
They Get Worn 2023-06-18 Jamie's House James Evans, Jamie Murphy James fixes Jamie's truck while they talk shop.
Into the Woods 2023-06-26 James Evans, Travis Martinez James and Travis find more than they're looking for when searching the woods.
Summer Scrimmage 2023-07-01 Grey County High School Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, James Evans, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The cell takes on the one and only Grey County Wampus Cat!