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Jack blends in. He could be passingly handsome if he wasn't so easy to overlook. Light brown hair, brown eyes, and a frame often covered in muted colors makes him fade into the background more often than not. Those who do notice often find a curious expression and, more often than not, malignantly amused.


If Jack was easy to miss before, well, damn, make that almost eager to be forgotten now. His skin darkens just slightly, as if to catch the shadows that much easier, and brown eyes are replaced with roiling grey orbs, like fog caught within. His hair is a dark grey, and, when he does open his mouth to speak, sometimes ghostly wisps of fog emerge. And when looking at him out of the corner of your eye, parts of him become translucent and wispy, as if he was already fading away out of the fog he was crafted from.


Jack's Mantle announces itself with ghostly sighs and groans, often as if heard from a distance. Dried and broken leaves are left in his wake, ones that skitter away quickly on unfelt, haunting winds.


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RP Hooks
Indiana Ain't Got Nothin (Changeling): Rumor gets around that Jack has had firsthand experience with several other unearthly realms. He claims to have explored the Hedge, various bastions in Arcadia, the pulsing world of spirits, and even the tombs of the Underworld. However, he is also first to admit that a lot of that knowledge is hazy, veiled by the dreamy memories of his Durance. But maybe, just maybe, he can remember something that might help with your own situation - or be willing to serve as a companion into other worlds.

Six of Swords (Changeling): Jack is one of the Black Arcana and doesn't hide it. In fact, there's a roman number VI on his right wrist and a sword on the left in dark black ink that shows even in his Mien, a reminder of his time in Arcadia and what purpose he served there. Transition. Movement to another state. The metaphorical ferryman guiding you to another part of your life.

Bell, Book, and Candle... I stole them all (Changeling): Since his return, Jack has joined the Court of Autumn. He's got an interest in all things occult, especially when it comes to Faerie. However, it was very obvious his interest is practical - Jack isn't often interested in discussing the metaphysics or the morality. He wants to know it works and what he can do. If you've got a cool trick, damned if he isn't interested.



Charles Throkmorton: Jack seems to have a good relationship with the Autumn Monarch and it might have been this Lost's influence that persuaded Jack into the Court to begin with. Rumors circulate that Charles has a fondness for Jack because the Darkling got him something that hasn't disclosed: a powerful secret.

The Queen of Swords: Close isn't what you would call this relationship. Mutual allies is. Jack doesn't wax poetic about how the Queen of Swords saved him. He doesn't talk about his time in her own court during his Durance. But he does seem to have her back when it counts, and now that she's missing Jack has amped up his efforts in finding her.

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Jack Kears

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AGE: 30 something
  • Mantle: Autumn Dot-filled.png
  • Court Goodwill: Winter Dot-filled.png
SEEMING: Darkling
KITH: Helldiver
KEEPER: The Oracle
MINOR ARCANA: Six of Swords

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Played By: YoGrendel