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The Bound

Jack Darling is a man on the far side of middle age with a broad, charming smile and all the affectations of a rich person trying to seem rakish and casual. He wears his graying hair long and down and a salt-and-pepper beard with a meticulously waxed mustache. For public appearances, he favors bespoke suits carefully engineered to look just the right amount of disheveled, and he often jokes that he hasn't worn a tie since the Reagan administration. Jack has the kind of back-slapping, familiar charisma that might be endearing if it seemed entirely genuine, quick to offer compliments and expensive refreshments.

The Dead

The King of Embers is a towering humanoid figure of living basalt that melts and solidifies tectonically as it moves. Its head is crowned with smoke and flickering sparks, and its hot-coal eyes glare out from an otherwise featureless face. Despite its inhuman appearance, its ramrod-straight posture and sneer of cold command give it the bearing of something used to being obeyed.

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RP Hooks
Man of Wealth and Taste: Jack Darling is a fixture of New York high society, and anyone who runs in those circles has probably been to at least one of the same galas or benefit dinners. However, his sparse background has given rise to some unsavory rumors, and he's regarded as a bit of a climber in old money circles.

Can't Take it With You: Jack runs what could be generously defined as a charitable foundation, putting his considerable resources behind causes that his meet his inscrutable and ever-shifting criteria. If you're looking for funding for such a project, it's worth a shot to contact his people. If nothing else, he never fails to offer interviewees top-shelf Scotch.

A Superstitious and Cowardly Lot: In the late 1980s, a string of grisly murders among New York's organized crime families triggered one of the bloodiest gang wars in the city's history. In the aftermath, the balance of power had shifted permanently, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and property mysteriously disappeared. Some of the oldest members of the New York underworld still whisper about strange symbols and objects found at the sites of these killings when they think the young blood can't hear them.

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Jack Darling
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AGE: Who's to say?
CONCEPT: Semi-reformed Urban Legend.
BURDEN: Hungry
  • Status (Arts, Media, & Society) 2
  • Resources 5
  • Striking Looks 2 (Charming)

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King of Embers.jpg
Name: King of Embers
RANK: Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: User:VoltaicOvine