From Dark City

Jacqueline "Jack" Osman
OccupationMedic, First Aid
ConceptFormer Centimanus
Played ByAnllela Sagra
Player NamePax
RefinementCuprum (Watcher)
StatusActive PC


A lovely dead thing. Her green eyes are the painted glass of a lightbulb whose fuse has burned out long ago. Tall, svelte, volatile. As clever as a sphinx and as brutal as a viper.

Public Effects: Repute (Former Centimanus).
Azoth Radiance: A city neighborhood.


Wrought from ancient necromancy, the waters of life, and the timeless black magic of spite, Jack's was a naturally curious mind shackled by the negligence of a creator who didn't have the interest for anything more than a pretty servant. A long buildup led to an explosive conclusion that killed her creator and should have killed her, too.

And sort of did.

The Underworld shocked Jack and she was bound and determined to make her trauma everyone else's problem. She was lost to Torment, abandoned the Pilgrimage and gave herself over to Flux, becoming Centimanus and embracing her monstrosity. When she found her way back to the Pilgrimage, she only barely clung to it. The Carnivale was compelled to intervene.

RP Hooks

  • Ex-Freak: Jack was lost to Torment and became one of the Hundred-Handed, a Centimanus who hunted and preyed on other Created and made her monstrosity a scourge on humanity wherever she crossed it. She made her way back to the Pilgrimage before the Flux took full hold of her, but it left its mark.
  • First Aid?: You hurt? You wanna be?
  • Voracious Media Consumer: Books, movies, music, television, video games. Jack has an appetite for all of it, and many of her affectations are mimicked from what she's seen, read, heard, or played. Do you want to watch a movie? Go to an arcade? Sneak backstage at a rock concert? Binge-watch Stranger Things? So does Jack.
  • Back from the Dead: Every Created is back from the dead in a sense, but Jack is really back from the dead. She's been to the Underworld and the experience had a profound and unsettling effect on her.


  • Maisie - I feel very protective of her. Not just because she's small.
  • Tycho - He's into stealing and books. I like him.
  • Cupid - Good company. Saved me from a bird. Always brings Red Bull.
  • Bastian - Bungie's favorite, but Bungie doesn't do discounts.
  • Oz - I think I might have told him murder is ethical. Going to see how it plays out.
  • Tomas - I'm going to eat his heart. Not for power. Just because I want to.




Title Date Location Cast Summary
Not to Be Bitten 2024-01-21 Costuming Tent Jack, Maisie Jack teaches Maisie a lot about dates, and they have one.
It Does Not Say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty 2024-01-24 Mirage Arcade Maisie, Jack Maisie and Jack go to an arcade and a movie theater outside the radius of the Wasteland.
Smarties, Sunrises, and LSD 2024-01-21 Jack, Bastian Jack offers Bastian LSD and bribes Bungie the Monkey to "let them" up on the observation disc atop one of the big tops. The sun rises.
Starving 2024-01-22 Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Jack tells the rest of the Carnivale Created what she uncovered about Charlie.
I'm Sorry 2024-01-26 Maisie, Jack Maisie shows Jack the hand that Tomas gifted her, and Jack gets suspicious, then reveals one of her more invasive Alembics to Maisie.
No Cause For Regret 2024-01-25 Le Carnivale Magnifique Jack, Oz Jack asks a question about timing, and gives Oz some valuable advice.
Really Striking 2024-01-26 Le Carnivale Magnifique Cupid, Jack Jack and Cupid hatch a plan. And then another one.
Taking Things 2024-01-26 Le Carnivale Magnifique Jack, Tycho Jack and Tycho talk about the plan, and then some other things, after meeting with the rest of the Created.
Don't Panic 2024-01-27 Tomas' Lab Jack, Maisie Jack talks to Maisie about what she and Cupid found in Tomas' secret lab.
Very Kind of You To Say 2024-01-27 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack and Maisie decompress after Yet Another Horrible Revelation.
Tycho and the Real Drone 2024-01-27 The Big Top Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Tycho got a drone! He also got shot. The group discusses both.
Bad News 2024-01-29 Jack's Trailer Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho, Tomas Jager Jack and Maisie want to tell the group something, but they're interrupted. Sort of. Tomas Jager has his Mask Off moment.
You're Asking Me to Be Patient 2024-01-29 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie After the confrontation with Tomas, Jack trashed his lab, and after she did that, she went back to her trailer to talk to Maisie.
The Gang is not A-Muse-d 2024-01-30 Outside the Purple Tent Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Blame Tycho for this log title.
Dreaming Happens When You're Asleep 2024-02-01 Jack's Trailer Maisie, Jack Jack tries to help Maisie dream.
The Spark that Started It All 2024-02-02 Le Carnivale Magnifique Bastian, Tycho, Oz, Maisie, Jack, Cupid The gang confronts Madame V, and then some Pandorans show up, and a Firestorm breaks out over Phoenix.
Let's Rob Someone 2024-01-31 Le Carnivale Magnifique Tycho, Jack Jack and Tycho make a plan to get some new books, one way or another.
Driving Away from Phoenix 2024-02-02 Virginia's RV Jack, Maisie Jack asks Maisie what she saw.
We Should Kill Him 2024-02-03 Rest Stop Jack, Tycho Jack and Tycho talk at the rest stop, and make a plan to get books, and maybe kill Tomas. Hopefully. He deserves it.
Tragic That It Doesn't Work 2024-02-03 A Rest Stop Oz, Jack Jack and Oz talk at a rest stop.
I'm Afraid, Too 2024-02-04 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack and Maisie talk after the movie, about clothes and other things.
Mean Girls on the Road 2024-02-03 Jack's Trailer Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Jack shows the throng a movie from her trailer while they're on the road. The movie is Mean Girls.
Replace Him? 2024-02-03 A Rest Stop Cupid, Jack Jack and Cupid have a candid talk at a rest stop.
Fire in the Belly 2024-02-09 Gas Station Jack Unexpectedly drawn into a little thief-and-con scheme, Jack is... helpful.
Real Heartache in a Fake Heart 2024-02-12 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack shows Maisie some books she found on vampires, for science and for murder.
Potato Tears 2024-02-11 Jack's Trailer Jack, Tycho Jack gives Tycho vodka and shows him the books she got on vampires. They agree Tomas needs to die.
When Lightning Strikes 2024-02-16 Reno Jack, Maisie, Tycho Tycho, Maisie, and Jack are out on a casual stroll when they run into something unexpected.
The Call of Divine Fire Jack, Maisie, Tycho Three Prometheans and a baby (Promethean)
Trip Into Town 2024-02-23 Reno Mall Jack, Maisie, Tycho Just a trip to the mall. And Jack stole a golf cart.
The Haunted Room of Illusions 2024-03-29 Le Carnivale Magnifique Jack, Maisie Maisie and Jack go to the Haunted House at the Mag and turns out it -is- actually haunted.
The Haunted Room of Illusions part 2 2024-03-09 Le Carnivale Magnifique Bastian, Jack, Maisie, Tycho The throng goes back to the Haunted House.