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  • Reach me on Discord.
  • Pronouns: She/Her.


Dark City: Jericho PC

Dark City: New York PCs

ST Schedule

  • Pacific Standard Timezone

Sunday - After 8am.
Monday - After 4pm.
Tuesday - After 8pm.
Wednesday - After 4pm.
Thursday - After 4pm.
Friday - After 4pm.
Saturday - After 8am.

  • Obviously real life can change these hours, but this is when I am typically around.

ST Style

  • Scenes will usually be around 3 Hours (Groups) and 1.5 Hours or less (Personal). I do not do Play-By-Post public scenes. Expect your scene to be happening from start time until it's over.
  • Group scenes will 98% of the time max at 4 people. In real life 15 people don't go take care of problems unless there is a riot or the equivalent. Social scenes of course do not contribute to this max.
  • I usually want to give out lots during a scene. The faster you post, the more I can give. This does not mean lower the quality of your posts, but please devote that time to the scene.
  • It never hurts to tell me what you enjoy. Want a great social scene? Looking to get scared? Just want a moment to be a bad ass or use a specific skill? Let me know.
  • I am no longer accepting tag-a-longs. Please be active in how you're contributing to a scene/plot. If you're only there to be in a scene, I will be removing you from the roster.
  • Scene Expecations:
    • Please be present and ready. If you can not be, please communicate that ASAP ooc. A little heads up goes a long way.
    • Please do not double log while in an ST scene, or generally give divided attention and slow things down. I will move on without you.
    • If players are more than 15 minutes late to a scene without an ooc message, you'll be removed. Repeated no shows will not be picked for plots until players become more reliable.

Jericho: The Hollar Plots

Dark City: New York Plots

Scene Logs