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"Devotion is a weapon that cannot be broken from the without, and I wield mine with ready prowess."

Isidore: an unpleasant, quiet agent of the Sun Yee On who, until recently, had knocked down every obstacle between him and the status of the Dai Lo within the Triad. Recent adjustments among the Dragon Heads has landed him in New York city, working with the triad's best interest in mind.

The quiet man is particularly proud of his lineage, though he never explicitly states where he really came from. Isidore's old dream of competing in the Olympics died with his normal life, but the athlete adopted a different way to put his skills to work. As a hunter never wastes anything on their hands; Isidore wastes nothing his God gives.

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RP Hooks
A Follower of Ma'ga - A mostly forgotten Hunter God of the Egyptian Patheon, Ma'ga has faded out of the old world after the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt. The Khaibit believe it is his duty to honor and venerate the son of Set, through the art of hunting. Isidore would gladly teach those who approach him with the intent to learn how to hunt, as long as they are willing to listen.

The Dai Lo - Isidore has earned the trust of the Sun Yee On, and has been granted the title of Dai Lo, overseeing activities of the Triad and work to benefit it where he sees fit, still the big boss is often reminded he must not step in line against those that rank higher than him. Isidore is a ticket for those who want to earn the favor of the Triad and the many things they offer.

Petchtiu Shu - As a Khaibit, Isidore has devoted many years into learning every otherworldly and martial methods provided by his bloodline to fulfill their holy duty, driving back the bau, the Strix, the evils of the other world, no matter what form they might take. To aid another in the fight against the Strix, the hunter requires no price.

Steadfast - Isidore's loyalty to the Circle of the Crone remains unflinching, as devoted as he is to his God, the hunter pays respect to those that have guided his footstep toward discovering a greater being than himself. For the members of the Covenant that want a pest eliminated or those who simply wish to learn more of the history and esoteric knowledge he has grasped, when their call arrive, Isidore will always answer.

Eager Leaner - The hunter can often be found roaming libraries and museums on nights that does not require his work, an entire culture veiled away from him have made Isidore incredibly curious to learn as much as he can about the place his blood call home to.

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Isidore De Morsier

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Name: Isidore De Morsier

Apparent Age: 23

Height: 5'10"

Eyes: Red and Blue

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Khaibit

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Effects: Circle of the Crone Status 2

        Sun Yee On Status 2

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Played By: Goatty