Ishaan Bawa

From Dark City

Ishaan Bawa
BurdenThe Kindly
StatusActive NPC


Geist.png We do what we can, right?


Ishaan, or 'Bawa' to people who know him well enough is a Paramedic in Brooklyn. He's a down to earth Sin-Eater who seems eager to just be of service. He's not soft spoken, but he rarely raises his voice. When not on duty, you'll catch him at various parts of the city volunteering his time.

John Doe Within Twilight, you'll spot a frozen drifter in raggedy clothing, his skin blue with frost and eyes perpetually shut.

RP Hooks

  • We need a medic! - Obviously Sin-Eaters don't need the help of a medic, but they know plenty of people that might. He's given his number out across the Twilight Network enough that it's easy to reach out should someone be in need. No questions asked.
  • Volunteer - Catch him doing youth outreach, working in soup kitchens and urban rest stops across the city.
  • 12 Steps - He's been sober for years, but you don't stop going to these meetings.



Title Date Location Cast Summary
Damned Donations: Part 2