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As most Nosferatu, Isaac seems to have just appeared out of the darkness one day, acting as if he'd been around for a while. He doesn't hide his affiliation with The Circle, or the fact that he's content where he is in the grand scheme of things. He has purpose, and that makes him content. He doesn't try to make anyone uncomfortable in his presence, he unfortunately just gives off the aura of a social predator, which makes the Kine really nervous.

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RP Hooks

Will It Shred?
Isaac works at a recycling center in Queens, handling the night shift on an industrial shredder. For the right price, he'll toss anything in there no questions asked.

Magical Garden
While typically, Isaac isn't able to grow much of anything, but in this case, he has a Red Thumb, growing and tending a substantial Mandragora Garden of Ackee Fruit like it was almost second nature.

Serving the Crone can be a demanding job, and the rituals and ceremonies have a habit of developing a body count, someone has to collect and dispose of the empty husks.

Blacksmith For The Dead
With his Kindred might, he has quite the hammer blow, and even though fire scares the hell out of him, he will move hot metal around to make whatever may be needed by his fellow monsters of the night.

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Isaac Reinhart

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Pronouns: He/Him

Age (Apparent): 30
Height: 6'"
Profession: Industrial Metalworker
Public Effects:
City Status: 1
Crone Status: 1
Anonymity: 3

Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: None
Coterie: None

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