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Stats: 5'8", 130 lbs, sleek and dangerous.

Description: Ilayda is always happy to smile at someone to try and put them at ease... and it almost always has the opposite effect. Everything about Ilayda's mask is just the slightest bit off, from the way her eyes don't focus on you, to the vacant grin that shows a bit too many teeth, to the way she moves around with slippery twitches, to the way she speaks in a stilted, jerky manner reminiscent of a fleshstealer from an old movie. There's just an unearthly sense of danger about her, a malice that exudes in every direction no matter how harmless she seems.

To those that can see her Mein, however, Ilayda is even more terrifying. A monstrous anglerfish fused with a woman, her jagged teeth and dark body decorated with glowing warning lights mark her as a creature from the deep, unfit to walk among humankind.

Personality: After establishing her first impression, however, follow-up conversations reveal that Ilayda is... well, still kind of terrifying, actually. But probably not malicious. Just... strange. Her curiosity and bluntness are driven by a strange pseudo-innocence that people experienced with such matters could likely identify as autism. Though it's also something more than that, something deeper and alien that wormed its way into her mind and won't ever let go. And every once in a while, it feels as though she's forgotten you're even a person at all...

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RP Hooks
  • Just Keep Swimming (General): Ilayda absolutely adores water, and can often be found swimming in local recreation centers, playing in the sprinklers that tend to the greenery in Central Park, and occasionally even swimming in the many lakes and oceans around NYC... legally or otherwise.
  • Keeper of Lore (Autumn Court): Ilayda has an extensive occult library, and works as Scrivener and record-keeper for the court. If you need old knowledge, she can find it for you.
  • Something Alien (General): Ilayda is a terrifying woman without even trying to be, which draws a lot of people away. But to others, it draws them in. From deviants to the morbidly curious, Ilayda occasionally attracts where she usually repels. And while she's slow to trust and slower to make friends, those that she has decided have earned the honor of it will earn an ally that will give them everything.
  • Stalker in the Dark (General): Ilayda harvests Glamour from fear, and she's quite good at eliciting it. Walking alone at night might just give you a glimpse of her true self... and a terror that will leave you hollow. Of course, to the highly-supernatural denizens of NYC, things might not always go as Ilayda expects them to.

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Ilayda Halide
Ilayda Mein.jpg

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Apparent Age: 20s

Pronouns: She/Her

Public Effects:

  • Languages: English
  • Mantle 2 (Autumn)
  • Presence 4
  • Air of Menace
  • Striking Looks: Unnerving

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Nymph
Court: Autumn
Title: Scrivener

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Played By: Thundamoo