Ian Hale

From Dark City



Title Date Location Cast Summary
Art in the Park
Flashback: The Night We Met
VIP Special
Settling Old Affairs
Dead Phones and Dead People
A run in the Park
Calls Never Answered, Letters Never Read
Flashback: Secrets Honored
Broken Skyline: The First Sign of Trouble
In relation to the Claimed
Chance Encounter at the Pool Hall
Appreciating the Draw
The Price of Cashing Checks
The State of the Art
Double Date, Plus One
Going Back
Making a Mark
Finding Our Home
Broken Skyline: Sunday Brunch
The Start of Something New
The L Word
Socializing with the People
Focus and Passion
Fireflies and First Dates
Risk and Reward
Strange Changes
Find your happy
Blood Tastes Like Metal
Meat Pie
An Awkward Ride
Good Things Come from Bad
Running Around
The Road to Recovery
Tasting Menu
Broken Skyline: Camped Out
An Offer To Teach
A Day to be Grateful
Family Matters
Hunting The Haunted
The Feet of Giants
Bound for Trouble
Turning It Up To 15
The Company of Wolves
Officially Yours
Catching Up
PRP Charity Work Intro
Discussing The Wound
Returning to the Hind
Exploring the Pavilion
Breaking Ice Moon part 2
Iron Masters Tribal Moot about the Bale Hounds and the Pure
Nocturne - The Hale Warehouse Job

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