Hutchin's Pond

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Hutchin's Pond
Chronicle Jericho
Room Type Other

Jericho was built on the banks of this small pond. The body of water is large enough to support several boats and the Hawk river supplies it with fresh water and fish. A dock built on the side allows for boats to be easily pulled in and out as well as a place for folks to congregate during hot summer days.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Test Hutchin's Pond A.G. Silverwood test
The absent few 2023-06-16 Hutchin's Pond Rusty Murphy, Angel Cleary The Deputy finds a man alone after the Hootenanny
Mages by the Water 2023-06-17 Hutchin's Pond Arlene Kinsey, Rebecca Willows Espy and Fidelity discuss moving forward.
Familiar Faces, Outside 2023-06-22 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Henley Arlene, Henley and Clem escape the crowd at the Schooner to discuss current events in private on the dock over the pond.
Familiar Faces, Inside 2023-06-22 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Jamie Murphy, Henley An unusual assortment sits together at the Schooner with varying degrees of comfort; Jamie and Angel get stoned and have a heart-to-heart.
An Old Dog 2023-06-25 Hutchin's Pond Laura Thompson, Colt Murphy Laura gets Colt's opinion, and Sam gets a frog and bellyrubs.
Ritual Reunion 2023-06-25 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Hasil and Lucy run into each other out by the pond
Drag the Waters 2023-06-28 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Colt Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Henley Travis ambushes Henley, interrogates him, throws him into a pond, and kidnaps him with the help of Rusty and Colt.
Missed Connections 2023-07-05 Hutchin's Pond Lucy Jordan, Arlene Kinsey Lucy and Arlene don't hate each other.
Public Intoxication 2023-07-06 Hutchin's Pond Angel Cleary, Jamie Murphy Deputy Cleary encounters an unexpected drunk person sitting alone on the dock.
Riverside Reflections 2023-07-10 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Lucy and Hasil catch up at the Pond
Morning Intentions 2023-08-29 Hutchin's Pond Jamie Murphy, Kora Liu A Newcomer and a Local meet each other at the dock.
The new Sheriff is a real downer 2023-09-07 Hutchin's Pond Angel Cleary, Rusty Murphy The tables turn on the ex-Deputy, and now its Rusty's turn to find him alone in the dark