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Before the night of his death, Hunter was a simple med-school student. He was dedicated, materialistic and logical to a fault. And then a dark shadow detached from the alleyway, two fangs pierced his neck, then darkness. Hunger. Rage. Hell. A predatory existence of hurting others for their blood. Until Alice found him.

Afterwards, she explained Hunter was a revenant, a sort of accident that sometimes happens when vampires drain their victims dry. She also told him she saved him by uplifting him to a full kindred, as God led her to. Hunter was humbled and filled with gratitude for Alice, and gained a burning faith in the lord who instructed her to save him from his hellish existance. He swore to serve God in whatever way he requires and act with the Virtue of a saint. That is how he joined the Lancea et Sanctum and started his journey on the divine path.

While quite young, Hunter's fervor allowed him unequal focus to learn the holy arts of Theban sorcery and attracted a host of mortal believers, whose church he leads. Hunter views the state of the city as full of unbelievers and hidden devils, and wishes to impart the holy mission to other kindred, as well as support the efforts of the Lancea et Sanctum.

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RP Hooks
Wants to find the vampire who caused him to become a revenant

Desires improving the status of the Lancea et Sanctum

Wants to establish a Temple of Damnation

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Hunter Wright
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Played By: User:Thaumaturge