Hunter Merits

From Dark City

Face in the Crowd (••)

Prerequisites: Can't have Striking Looks
Effect: Your character has an ordinary and unremarkable appearance. You can blend into a crowd and make it difficult for witnesses to accurately recall you. Your character receives a +3 bonus on any rolls involving tailing or evading in a crowded place; due to your natural anonymity, antagonists trying to find you suffer a –3 penalty to such attempts.
Drawback: This Merit is used in place of the Striking Looks Merit. Face in the Crowd does not make the character invisible, just harder to find. Monsters may utilize Dread Powers or other senses to track the character down.

Last Stand (••)

Prerequisites: Resolve ••• or Stamina •••
Effect: Once per session, your character has a burst of adrenaline. Your sheer determination to shake off your injuries and get back into the hunt gives them superhuman strength. With a successful Wits + Resolve or Wits + Stamina roll on your turn the character may immediately attempt a penalty-free action of your choice.

Tight-Lipped (••)

Prerequisites: Resolve •• or higher.
Effect: Your character excels at keeping secrets. Gain +2 for Social rolls when being interrogated by non-supernatural means.

Natural Tinkerer (••)

Prerequisites: Wits •••, Crafts •••
Effect: Your character has an affinity for piecing together useful equipment out of piles of junk. Whether it’s a natural aptitude or something they’ve developed over time, their inventions come in handy when they least expect it. Ignores penalties for using improvised materials or equipment, as well as penalties involved in making scratch repairs. Additionally, the Storyteller may adjust the cost of your spare parts, depending upon the components involved.

Back Road Atlas (•)

Prerequisites: Wits •• and Drive •• or Athletics ••
Effect: Your character has a knack for memorizing local back roads, shortcuts, detours, and other routes that don’t pop up on a digital map or GPS system. All rolls that require you to travel discreetly to escape an antagonist’s notice receive a +2 bonus. Additionally, your character has the Edge in a chase scene provided you’re not on highways or main streets. Back Road Atlas most often applies to vehicular travel but can just as easily apply to foot or bike chases as well. However, there must be a visible road or path for you to follow.
Drawback: This Merit does not apply to trackless wilderness. It applies to any area in which the character has travelled; to employ this Merit for unfamiliar streets, the character must make a successful Intelligence + Wits or Drive roll after reviewing a physical or digital map to commit the routes to memory.

Subdual (• to •••; Style)

Prerequisites: Brawl ••, Weaponry •
Effect: Your character is trained in restraint techniques, often used to subdue armed opponents. This may reflect formal training, or lessons learned in the field.
Compliance Hold (•): Gain a +2 bonus to overpowering rolls to disarm or immobilize an opponent.
Weapon Retention (••): Opponents attempting to disarm your character or turn their weapon against them must exceed your character’s Weaponry score in successes.
Speed Cuff (•••): Against an immobilized opponent, your character may apply cable ties or similar restraints as a reflexive action.

Custom Gear Broker (• to •••)

Prerequisites: Socialize ••
Effect: Your character is known locally as the one to see when a character needs hard-to-find modifications and strange equipment. She might do the work herself, or simply act as intermediary, like an under-the-table pawn shop for custom gear. Once per chapter, you may swap out any piece of equipment of an Availability equal to your character’s dots in this Merit for any other of the same Availability or lower, without a roll. Additionally, once per story you may treat another Merit’s rating as one higher per dot in this Merit, to a maximum of five total dots, for purposes of acquiring custom gear. This usually benefits Resources, but could apply to others as appropriate, such as Allies or Status.