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Dressed usually in casual, daily dress shirt, pants, and tab collar combo, Howard Dunwich is an unassuming fellow with his gentle features, well kept and full beard, and short black hair that's starting to fade into a light grey. Perhaps a little too unassuming though, as he carries himself with a certain style of distance and self-reflection, but when spoken to however it becomes obvious that the good priest Dunwich is a kind, humble, down to earth man, focused less about himself and more about his duties to this world.....and that world.

It is that other world which reveals a unfortunate true self of Howard: that of a squidfished humanoid figure, dark blue in skin tone, facial hair replaced with a collection of tentacles, eyes as dark and featureless as the endless depths that changed him, and an lingering Mantle aura of a damp, chilling sea breeze. Most odd of all are the growths that grow from his flesh that whisper the contents of a pledge.

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RP Hooks
Occultists, book collectors, studiers of faith, ghost hunters, and secret keepers alike, come on down! Would love to run into Mortal, Mortal+, and Geist PCs searching around for ghostly encounters.

Can often be often hanging around not only the Serenity Funeral Home, where he helps with general tasks and tending to the mourning visitors, but also multiple waterside points across the side where he can be found reading some material, preparing to check on Dark Ray populations, and various other chores.

Visits a veteran support group.

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Howard Dunwich

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Apparent Age: Early 50s

Height: 5'7"

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Notary

Court: Winter

Motley: ---

Cult: ---

Needle: Scholar

Thread: Acceptance

Keeper: Mother of the Endless Water

Public Effects:

-Mantle: Winter ••

-Court Goodwill: Autumn •

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Played By: User:LightToAll