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The House of the Third Ajar Portal

A collection of scholars, investigators, mystics, and the curious that refuse to believe they are capable of perceiving everything in the world around them. Members attempt to focus their third eye, following whatever cultural equivalent pulls them: mind’s eye, ajna chakra, eye of Horus, etc. Their efforts are collected through a vast library of efforts of members before them, originating from the Library of Alexandria; requiring the most dedicated intellectuals to learn from the verbose and complicated notes. Each member’s journey is different, but their pursuit of knowledge rewards them with helping build their focus in the occult, granting them new perceptions, and access to the House’s vast collective library. The library and its members tend towards a hermetic style, strengthening their focus through mudra, somatic gestures, and symbolism.

A Shred of Alexandria Remains

The House's greatest relic is a small collection saved from the Library of Alexandria. It forms the basis of the House’s larger library. Despite the House having branches all over the world, they all believe to have a piece or the entirety of the Shred of Alexandria. Some scholars believe the Shred has a will of its own; to grow their library, and to reproduce into more growing libraries…


Members are committed to the investigation and collection of knowledge. It is through this commitment that their third eye has opened and through exploring new unknowns, their powers will grow stronger. Members are expected to move with discretion; the House’s singular drive and goal is a vulnerability and, after all, knowledge is power. Codes, ciphers, and double-speak are common when in ‘mixed’ company.


Prerequisites: 3-Dots of either Occult or Academics; 1-Dot in the other

•: Every member has something about the supernatural that has pulled at their curiosity. The House’s connections and philosophies help them explore that curiosity. Members gain a Specialization of their choice in Occult.

••: Members allow themselves to sink deeper into their obsessions. The House’s structure continues to reward them with new understanding. Members gain the ‘Area of Expertise’ merit in any Occult Specialization.

•••: Small pieces of unconfirmed knowledge bring about a mixture of paranoia and understanding, especially when there is evidence of the supernatural. Members gain the ‘Eye for the Strange’ merit.

•••• At this level, Mortal Members of the Cult find their perceptions continue to evolve and expand. Supernaturals, distracted with their own ways of perceiving the secret world, instead find a growing strength in a focus that falls within the Hermetic roots: most commonly books, jewelry, eye imagery, wands/staves, and more. Mortal Members gain the 'Aura Reading' Merit. Supernatural Members gain the 'Object Fetishism' Merit at 3-dots, and must choose a 'foci' that falls in line with the cults themes.

•••••: Members find their own personal libraries growing and shifting even without their control, becoming a part of the House’s larger library, shifting and changing to meet their needs. Members gain the merit ‘Advanced Library’ at 3-dots. These topics can be changed every Chapter/Week, but cannot be shared.

Shared Merits

  • Safe Place: 1
  • Library (Academics) 2
  • Library (Occult) 1


The House is fundamentally an academic organization. All members are considered peers with the expectation that they will serve the House through study, research, and volunteer work. Fragments of the Library are studied extensively, new tombs are collected, and of course, papers are written, shared, and peer reviewed. Respect, and thus rank, is not gained through physical power or political maneuverings but sheer knowledge. The distinctions between various ranks in the cult is fuzzy at the best of times, members are more likely to cite their academic accomplishments than flaunt an ability to read auras or new object they’ve fetishized

The lower ranking members (1-2 dots) often have a particular area of interest and already have a professional level of understanding or mastery in it when they join. They frequently spend much of their time as general research assistants, which gives them a broader view of the knowledge available to members of the House. They may also serve as assistant librarians and help with facilities management to keep the organization running on a practical level.

Mid ranked members (3-4 dots) are typically at a post-doctoral academic level. They’re undisputed experts in their field and have established themselves as intelligent and productive members of the House. Instead of serving as research assistants, they are frequently asked to lead entire research projects by their House, or to work within a team of their peers on a project. These members are the backbone of the organization. Beyond the academics, they are the ones donating most of the money, time, and power to establish and defend common House facilities- including libraries and safe houses.

The highest ranking members (5) are mostly indistinguishable from the mid ranked members except for the key fact that they’ve all been blessed with a Shred of Alexandria growing and expanding their own personal libraries. Each House around the world has at least one of these members at its heart, and when a House is fortunate enough to have multiple members at this rank, they typically form a Board that meets as necessary to handle the practical business of the House as well as coordinate research projects and assignments handed down to others.


Titles within the cult are technically informal and gained by general acclaim. They’re often based on areas of expertise or duties taken up in the House, though many Houses at least have a Dean who provides academic leadership, a Librarian that tends the stacks, and a Guardian that takes charge of security.


Taphouse Brewery & Pub

The New York House is headquartered above the Taphouse Brewery and Pub. The pub caters primarily to academics and the secured rooms above the brewery feature a small study lounge and several rooms crammed with shelves of esoteric books that can't be readily found anywhere else.

Shared Libraries

The House currently has access to shared Libraries covering Occult and Academic skills, and is always on the look out for new volumes to add to its collection.

TAP's New York History

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