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Hiram Solomon Blackwell is descended from the Blackwell line of New Yorkers that owned Blackwell Island- now known as Governor's Island. Now he lives within sight of the island, and can often be seen wandering the financial district, talking to young finance folks and looking for his next investment. He is fairly young, greying early, but luckily for him, it just makes him look distinguished.

Standing at 6'2 and 200 lbs, Hiram is well conditioned from years of walking NYC streets, hiking Japanese hills, and martial arts training. The hair around his temples and in his goatee are graying early, giving him a more distinguished look. Often wearing a suit of well-tailored Italian wool, Hiram enjoys the finer things in life. He has always had them, and sometimes takes that for granted, though he tries not to. He wears a ruby ring on his right ring finger, with a Withings digital watch. He isn't interested in obscene displays of wealth- just luxurious comfort and utility.


Soft spoken, introspective, and watchful, Hiram is an inquisitive man who seeks to be of use to humanity. Once you get to know him, he is more willing to speak, but he likes to ask questions more than he likes to offer answers. In a crisis, he acts first and thinks later. While he has outgrown his adrenaline junkie days, he still is a reckless man when the chips are down. He is more than willing to lay his life and his luck on the line and see where the dice fall- sometimes to the point of foolishness. In dealing with the supernatural world, he is a harm reductionist first and foremost.

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RP Hooks
Financier: Hiram is known among some investing circles as a quirky investor, picking projects he likes to fund while discarding the rest. It is hard for most folks on Wall Street to figure out just why he chooses the things he does, but a savvy individual on the spooky side of the street might realize that he invests primarily in businesses owned or run by folks "in the know" or otherwise gifted.

Columbia Alum: Hiram is known in academic circles in NYC as an expert in Japanese History and the history of NYC, though he isn't particularly active in Academia other than as a donor and sometimes lecturer.

NYC Occultist: Hiram is known among mortal circles as an occultist with a particularly deep knowledge of the supernatural and occult history of New York.

Boating: Hiram owns a large boat, and likes to take it out on trips around NYC, using it as a primary means to get to some of the other boroughs. Maybe you also like boats?

Martial Arts Enthusiast: Hiram has been practising martial arts for most of his life, and picked up more when he was in Japan studying history there. Since his return to NYC several years ago, he has become an avid fan and practitioner of Bartitsu, the gentleman's martial art immortalized by Sherlock Holmes.

Lucky: Hiram seems to be obscenely lucky in his daily life, and extraordinary circumstances barely seem to enter his radar most days. Maybe you were a witness to some kind of extraordinary luck?

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Hiram Solomon Blackwell
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Birthday: June 24th

Public Effects: Things commonly known about Hiram

Status 1: Finance (Sometime angel investor)

Status 1: Academics (Columbia University Alum & lecturer)

Interdisciplinary Specialty 3: History of NYC

Damn Lucky 4

Occult 5

Resources 5

Martial Art: Light Weapons 5

Part time employee of Omaha Johnson Barrett

Order of Hermes MCI 5 (Only known to Order members)

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Played By: Megiddo