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Hilja grew up in New Zealand and has a heavy accent. She is very closed off on her past and when she got to New York City. Hilja works a a independent musician. Even tho you may not know her by name if your from Midtown Manhattan you know her by looks or heard stories of a musican that likes to play music in abandoned building.

At first looks she looks very hostile and like someone that you dont want to fuck with, but once you get to know her she is very nice and will try her best to help those in need. She has lots of piercings and wears metal/alt make up. She wears lots of black spikey clothes and always has her cello with her.

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RP Hooks
Spooky Music
  • Is it Halloween? Probably not. Its most likely just Hilja playing her music.

Show your true colors.... Black

  • Hilja is blatent Lesbian. Shes so queer she cant drive straight... Or at all...

Watch your silverware

  • If Hilja is around keep a watchful eye on your shineys. She loves to collect shineys and make things out of them.

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Hilja Vivek
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Played By: HannahTheSnek