Henry Jackson

From Dark City

Mayor Henry Jackson
Mayor Jackson.jpg
BirthdateApril 12, 1978
OccupationMayor of Grey County
ConceptIdealist Politician
StatusActive NPC


Mayor Jackson is the newly elected mayor in Grey County who won his elections making big promises. He was instrumental in bringing the Luxidine Company into the county with big promises to bring money and jobs to the stagnant economy. Its a real shame they haven't come through there yet, and that decision is looking more and more unpopular.

RP Hooks

Big Promises', Bigger Debts: Mayor Jackson made some big promises to a lot of people in order to secure the votes and take the office. Now he owes a lot of debt.

Appearances are Everything: From having a nice house up on the mountain to an expensive boat, Mayor Jackson maintains an air of wealth about him. How he keeps that up is a mystery to many.

Troubles at Home: On the campaign trail Mayor Jackson was billed as a family man, but lately no one has seen Mrs. Jackson. He says she is away on business' but she doesn't seem to be answering calls.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Office of Henry Jackson Town Hall Angel Cleary, Henry Jackson Angel talks to Mayor Jackson about Horne's legacy.