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This rangy Cajun is a new arrival in NYC, and he has the drawl to match. A voodoo man of some note back in New Orleans, he's had to leave home due to some trouble back in the Big Easy, and he isn't keen to go back any time soon. So he's set up in Queens, to carve out a new niche for himself and offer his services to any. Hedonistic is his tastes, but dependable to a fault in his work, he's one worth knowing if you can handle the weirdness.

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RP Hooks
  • New Guy in Town - Henri is a new face in town, just set up in Queens a few weeks ago. He isn't used to these yankees quite yet, and though he's trying to maintain good relations with is new neighbors, the adjustment process is always a bit of a bitch. But hey, good to make new friends around town, right?
  • Fucking Voodoo Magic, Man! - Henri makes no secret of the fact he is a bokor, a Vodoun witch-for-hire who 'serves the Loa with both hands'. He favors the left hand of things, but still remembers his lessons of the right. Need a little magic charm? He's got one. Curse your ex's cheating ass? He's got a few that'll make them regret their infidelity. Healing, blessings, and wards? He's got that too. Be warned, though, he doesn't like to charge cash for these services. After all, why cheapen the magic of the Loas when barter is so much more interesting?
  • Servant of the Loa - Of course, he takes a more proactive role in troubles too, especially in regards to the restless dead. When one counts Baron Samedi as one of his primary patrons, learning how to turn the dead back to their proper course is all part of the job.
  • We meet at the docks at midnight... While not a criminal (anymore), Henri's position as a longshoreman gives him some small amount of insight into the comings and goings of the port. Maybe he's seen something you want to know about, or maybe you just need a contact on the docks.

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Henri Delacroix
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AGE: 35 PROFESSION: Longshoreman/Witch-for-Hire


Omen Sensitivity

Language (Cajun French)

Lay on Hands

Unseen Sense (Ghosts)

Countermagic Ward

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Played By: TheWhacko