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BirthdateFebruary 14, 1998
Height6′ 3″
OccupationDishwasher/Drug manufacturer
ConceptBrilliant Delinquent
Played ByJosh Hartnett
Player NameKeller
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive PC


Henley is tall and naturally imposing with fair skin while his eyes and hair are both dark brown. His aesthetic could best be described as disheveled. His hair is usually somewhere between short and shaggy, often unkempt as if no attempt had been made to tame it, and not in a fashionable way, while his eyes sometimes have dark circles under them or appear bloodshot.

He dresses for comfort rather than style, usually wearing jeans and plain t-shirts augmented by a button down or a loose, open jacket with a hood. If he wants to look presentable, for whatever reason, he thinks throwing on his black beanie does the job sufficiently. Accessories are minimal, though sunglasses are not uncommon. Cheap dollar-store style frames that are frequently lost or broken and either replaced or worn anyway.


Henley (Kyle) and his identical twin brother Lyle were born in Jericho 1998 and were abandoned to the care of their grandfather Buck Henley early on in their lives by their parents, who left Jericho and haven't been seen or heard from since. Both were generally referred to as Henley as it was easier than deducing for sure which was which. As they grew up their personalities drifted and while both were recognizably smart, Lyle was a popular overachiever and Kyle was his misfit shadow. The Henley nickname stuck to both of them, though.

Both twins played for the Wampus Cats in high school, but Kyle was kicked off the team owing to his developing and brazen drug habits. In their senior year, both twins disappeared. The town eventually moved on, and just when they had given up on the pair, Kyle returned. Lyle did not. He doesn’t talk about what happened, but he hears the rumors and speculation. That Kyle had killed his own brother out of jealousy or that he’d hooked Lyle into a drug bender gone wrong, among other theories.

Henley never did put in the effort to finish high school after that, and had a short, ignominious career as a drug dealer that fizzled out into a series of stays in the local jail that has become like a second home to him. What passes for his actual home is his grandfather Buck's cabin, and Henley lives there taking care of the elderly retiree.

Supposedly nowadays he makes ends meet by working as a Dishwasher at the local Waffle House and at the Schooner. He hasn't been caught dealing for a while at least. His drug habit and drinking have only gotten worse, however, and he seems to revel in his outsider status.

RP Hooks

Former Druggy Drunk: Henley is a known user and former dealer. He used to frequent the bar and was often found with a brown bag in his hand drinking while staring off into the woods. He said the drugs balanced him out. What isn't commonly known is that he manufactures the drugs himself, and acts as a supplier to dealers who have proven better at evading the attention of the law than himself. What is known to some is that he has just begun kicking his drug habits. What is known to almost none is that he has already kicked them.

Disappeared from the class of.. uh..: Henley didn't actually graduate from high school, but if you were around the neighborhood of the class of '16, you would have known about him and his brother's disappearance from the high school they attended. Before that you might have known him as a member of the football team. He was kicked off the team for his brazen drug habit. Some say he was smart but never applied himself, others say that even if he hadn't disappeared, he probably wouldn't have graduated anyway. Maybe you were one of the few people that got close to him. Maybe you knew his brother.

Court-mandated diversion: AA, group therapy, counseling, community service. It seems like someone in the Sheriff's office has a soft spot for Henley, as he should be in prison with his rap sheet, but instead he has a lengthy list of diversion programs he is required to attend to keep him out of trouble.

That damn car: Henley inherited his grandfather's 1977 Trans-Am. A black beast with a golden bird on the hood, this thing has required significant work to keep in good condition over the years. Maybe you work(ed) on the car. Maybe you race(d) him.

Dishwasher & Oddjobs: Even spreading himself between the Waffle House and the Schooner, dishwashing doesn't really pay the bills as well as you might suspect. To make ends meet, Henley hunts and forages in the local woods. When he can, he likes to do it in a group. Maybe you hunt with him, maybe you fish with him, maybe you like picking berries and mushrooms.

Grandfather was a miner: Henley lives with his grandfather, Buck. Buck worked the mines until they broke him, now Henley works to take care of him. He's heard stories about the mines all his life, and his grandfather's old tools and equipment are still... theoretically in working condition.

Debts: Henley owes a lot of money to the Shellys. Maybe you're in the same boat. Maybe you're just curious. Maybe you want to help him out. Please?


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  • Aspirations:
    • Short: Convince the others that they can do this
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    • Long: Mold the Motley into a cohesive team.