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Helle Charlotte DrakeHooks

She was taken by The Harlequin, a chess player with which to to aid him in pleasing his court, to strategize all the moves and make his battles that little bit more interesting... A spymaster and spy herself by which to collect information and keep tabs on others, forever keeping watch on all the moving parts. Every mistake was wrought with another death on her head, and another prisoner of war to be tossed before her to be executed in front of her, only to wake up in agony the next day as though she were the one who bore the scars... because it was really her who bore them.

She needs to control as much as possible to get away from her hunters, perceived or real, but is always seeking the happiness that got her through her Durance, the little moments when she could taste the victory on her tongue and it was as sweet as honey even if it was poisoned much of the time.

"Even if victory is so poisoned as to cause my tongue to rot and my eyes to blur with blood, I will still chase it in hopes of that sweet taste that it leaves on my tongue."

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RP Hooks
Hook 1: If you hang around Central Park to challenge people to a game of chess, she's oftentimes there, occasionally playing games herself as she feels like it. Perhaps you've challenged her to a few games?

Hook 2: Another place that she likes to hang around is C'est la Vie, often dining there as she makes plans for her next attempted game, or her next sketch of another bit of Faerie from her spotty happy memories. While she's no Artist, she still reminisces on the parts that were beautiful.

Hook 3: Outside of her apartment, there's a small alleyway off to the side. She likes to hang out there, remind herself that there's still darkness in the world that she can hide in, that her light is a hopeful torch to those who need it... or a light to lead them to their desires.

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Helle Charlotte Drake

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Name: Helle Drake

Nickname: Helen

Court: Spring

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Helldiver

Concept: Lonely Chess Player

Needle: Chess Master

Thread: Joy

Touchstone: The Fling

Hair (Mask): Blonde, rather silky and shiny at all times

Hair (Mien): Made of sunbeams, wavering as if seen through smoky air, dimming it

Eyes (Both Mask and Mien): Blue

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Played By: User:Hangetsu-hime