Helen Wachter

From Dark City

Helen Wachter
Helen Wachter.jpeg
BirthdateJune 21, 1999
OccupationOwner of Wachter Hardware
ConceptShy Tinkerer
Played ByPhoebe Tonkin
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


A young woman of 24, Helen, aka 'Boss' is private and withdrawn sibling of Ralph Wachter and the other half of Wachter Hardware. Born mostly deaf, she's a quiet introvert, who reads lips, and prefers the company of a gadget or project over people. Long dark hair is swept up in a shabby pony tail. Wearing baggy hand me downs that have been tailored, ripped, and patched more times than could be counted. When dealing with her directly, she's not quick to smile or joke. A straightforward attitude with a gift for direction and guidance. Even Ralph, her brother calls her 'Boss', and ignoring her instruction is a quick way to piss her off.


The Wachter siblings grew up in the Hardware Store at the heels of their father. The regulars of Jericho all know them personally, and there's not a drop of privacy that Helen hasn't tried and failed to keep for herself. Helen took over Wachter Hardware 5 years ago, when her father George was killed in a hunting accident. There was a dark cloud over the shop for a period, but Helen wasn't the sort to allow it to linger. Father gone or not, she and her brother are quite capable and not in need of pity or charity. Since, she's been the go-to for all repair needs, making sure the County has the supplies it needs to keep running.

RP Hooks

  • Homeschool: Helen dropped out of high school in her Junior year to help with the shop full time. Some say it was also related to an incident involving Patrick Cross, who later passed from an overdose just before graduation. Before she left, she was an avid academic and often tutored many kids who struggled in science or math.
  • Something's Off: While Helen is a respected member of the community, there are whispers about how 'strange' she is. Why hasn't she found herself at least a boyfriend? It sure just isn't right for a young woman to be alone all the time.
  • House Call: It's not uncommon for Helen to arrive to a home or business to help with a minor project. For larger tasks, her brother Ralph is sent in her stead, but she's been known to stop a leak, provide a tow, or wrangle a wild opossum from someone's den.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Of Owls and Opportunities 2023-07-09 Wachter Hardware Hasil Hurst, Henley Hasil and Henley go to the Wachters to entangle themselves together enough to shake out some information down the line.
Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Henley and Helen 2023-07-18 Hurst Cabin Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Helen argue over Lyle.
Dead Man's Curve 2023-09-01 Dead Man's Curve Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Ralph have a low-stakes race for fun, with the Motley all playing a role. All goes as could be expected.