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The Bound

Hector is a powerful presence, no matter the scene. Dark hair is always carefully kept in place, clothes are always meticulously arranged (even if they're arranged in their own sort of artful chaos), but the point that draws most people is the smile. Broad, charming, Hector's got the kind of presence that makes it feel like a spotlight is directed on you when his attention in drawn, and usually he's amused by what he's found there. A worn, dark green rosary always finds its place among Hector's person, whether around his neck or tangled in his fingers.

The Dead

The Hanged Heretic is a withered, desiccated form in rags. In the right light, from the right shadow, the rags might have once been priestly garments: hints of gold and black harkening back to finery long lost. A wooden rosary hangs around its broken, crooked neck, the crucifix at the the end broken and missing pieces. Eyeless sockets search around it for anyone that might be able to show it attention, though a toothless mouth can only produce raspy gasps and moans, its long fingers clawing at its broken neck as if it could put it into place to speak once more.

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RP Hooks
Life's a Party: Quickly becoming known in the New York nightlife scene as the up-and-coming nightlife producer to turn to for special events, Hector is truly the life of the party. He's produced events for different levels of society within the city, but strangely refuses many large-budget, high-publicity events in favor of more intimate affairs. His detractors say he's scared of falling on his face, his proponents say he's an artist.

Death's a Trap: In addition to the events that he's paid to produce, Hector's name is attached to a series of underground parties that pop up throughout the city. They're all themed, they all attract a high level of drug use and abandoned inhibitions, and there's usually a dark, almost occult component that intrigues guests. How do you get an invitation? You don't need one, just show up. How do you find out where to go and when? You've got to be in the know. There's pages on the Internet devoted to tracking the next event, sharing what the next theme will be, coordinating arrivals and costumes.

But There's a Way Out: To those that travel the circuit of Hector's parties, they quickly find them called the Labyrinth. Each party a wing, a tunnel, a room, a challenge to find your way out of before the minotaur, the REAL WORLD, drags you back out into the harsh light of day. Regular guests speak of the Labyrinth a religious significance and those that dig deeper find some real information behind that notion. It seems that there's an underside to the parties, a heretical fellowship of those seeking to ascend to some higher state by loosening themselves from that which would bind them to this Earth. People speak of a strange blend of Catholicism and Sethianism with Hector acting as a form of a high priest to attendants. However, it could all just be for show. Hector's an artist, right?

Digging Deeper: An Undertaker through and through, to the Bound of New York, Hector's interest in diving into the Underworld of the city is well known. He wants to know what has washed up on the shores of the Rivers and to scour the Dominions for what has worked and what was failed. Because those that spend a lot of time around the Abiding find that he speaks of Catabasis with a zealous fervor, as if the Bound is intent on leading a holy war against the Underworld.

But Some Things Should Stay Buried: Speaking of Undertaking, Hector has a vested interest in what the public opinion of death, and the supernatural, is. To that point, he's particularly interested in covering up evidence of hauntings or other supernatural evidence. Witnesses are often counseled one on one and, if possible, brought on as attendants in the Labyrinth where their view can be carefully cultivated to serve the crusade. And if they resist? Well, everyone bends to divine will one way or the other.


Uma Szymon: Hector doesn't make any pains to hide that of everyone in New York, he respects Uma the most. Treating her somewhere between mentor and confidant, Hector can be found in Uma's company when possible and always reserves a spot of honor for the fellow Undertaker at any event.

Harriet Pinder: Having heard about the woman's recent deep dive into the world of the dead, Hector was quick to follow up and attempt to usher the woman under his wing, all the in the name of consolation, of course. Now Harriet writes short pieces for Hector's 'zine, From Below, fiction that exposes some small amount of truth about the Underworld, but always steers the reader's opinion towards treating it like the enemy it is.

Spectre: One can't claim to be friends with a ghost among ghosts, but Hector seems to have more communication with Spectre than most. They're both devoted to development and extension of the Twilight Network and, while they might work in different mediums, there's always ways for one to support the other.

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Hector Ramirez

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AGE: 27
CONCEPT: Nightlife Producer
BURDEN: Abiding
ARCHETYPE: Undertaker
LIMINAL AURA: Anchor, 30 feet
GEIST: The Hanged Heretic
RANK: Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Presence Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Cohesive Unit Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Dread Geist
  • Status: Crime Dot-filled.png
  • Status: Entertainment Dot-filled.png

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Played By: YoGrendel