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He Junwei (Alex)Tracker


Junwei "Alex" He



Legal Name: Junwei He
Common Name: Alex
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 33
Birthday: 15 June 1988
Height: 5'10"

Public Effects

  • Status (Triad / Flying Dragons) ● ● ●




"“The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.”.”
- Max Stirner

Description: Junwei is one of those people who always appears to be smiling or smirking, amused at whatever might be going on around him. Unlike many in the gang he runs with he prefers to be well dressed which lends itself to an air of presence and formality among them.

Personality: Junwei is often the least immediately intimidating member of his gang, owing to the fact his gang tattoos aren't showing, and he isn't hunching his shoulders up trying to make himself look bigger. He tends to be generous when it comes to cultivating relationships and attempts to make allies of all but the most obvious gang rivals. Even so rumour has it that when crossed he's ruthless and uncompromising.


RP Hooks

  • Crime
    Alex is a member of the Flying Dragon gang, and since coming to NYC in 2019 has helped root out several Police informants. However he very much lives for the older ways of organised and formal structure of the Triad, as a result while he has grown in rank amongst the Flying Dragons he has found himself to intermittently be at odds with how they operate.
  • Fights
    Alex claims to not be much of a fighter himself, however he loves watching just about any kind of combat sport, the bloodier and more illegal the better.
  • People Person
    Alex tries to get on with most people easily and seems to quite enjoy striking up idle banter, perhaps more concerningly for his gang rivals though, he seems to have a chilling insight into what drives them and perhaps more dangerously what drives their closest friends.
  • Flushing Warehouse Market
    Alex is the owner, operator and a resident of the Flushing Warehouse Market, maybe you've got a reason to visit, or otherwise seek him out.
  • Need Work?
    With his ownership over the market place, he's building a bit of a reputation for being able to get people into low paid but -legal- work within the market. Surely the criminal couldn't be using this as some kind of front in order to get people on side before slowing getting them involved in slightly murkier and possibly ethically grey jobs?



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